At it is our goal to basically make sure you feed your seeds properly. The title is also an analogy for improving your intelligence and awareness. In this case, seed refers also to your brain. So at feed the, we feed your seeds with valuable information so you can grow better and harvest bigger.We are a small startup team. For the sake of why not, I go by the nick name “BigBuds don’t lie”. I am actually a university student from northern Europe currently doing my masters in civil engineering. But make no mistake, I am not the stereotypical bookish geek who does nothing but nerdy stuff. But most of my classmates do fit in perfectly with the description, and if you ask them, they will surely will say that I do to too. It suits me well. It benefits me that they think I am one of them.They don’t know that I am a hobbyist grower. I have been a grower since 5 years ago. We were sick and tired of getting low-quality overpriced shit, so we made a deal to supply ourselves. This website came long after though. It was a boring dark summer, I had 2 months semester break, in which I spent most of the time playing online games. Eventually, I got too tired of raging over unfair losses and incompetent teammates, so I embarked on this journey. I saw it as a win win situation, I could replace the stressful competitiveness of gaming with something more relaxing where at the same time I could learn something new.
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