Advanced LED Diamond series XML 350 LED Grow Light Review

Actual watts 330 w
Ideal area coverage [foot area] 4.5 x 4.5
Length, width, height 19.5 – 19.5 – 3
Recommended height  16 inches

The Advanced LED: Diamond Series Xml 350 light is a full spectrum professional LED grow light for indoor greenhouses. This light raises among other professional LED lights for its quality, it provides an optimal coverage, low heat output and a high yield guaranteed by the best American made LEDs such as Cree XML and Bridgelux. A balanced mixture between red light and blue light makes it a complete and very healthy light for all stages of plant growth. It comes with color select dimmable switches and two modes to optimize vegetative or flowering stages.


The Good

  • Extremely low heat output. It does not require any extra air conditioning as many other lights of this class do because it has 4 fans that make a top quality cooling system.
  • Draws an average of 330W from the wall while delivering up to 532W
  • Top quality LEDs made in the U.S with a lifespan guaranteed and certified.
  • It outperforms any other lights of its same class while lowering power consumption.

The Bad

  • They could be considered very advanced grow lights, not ideal for beginners or even experienced growers with small inside growing areas.
  • A lighter design would have been a plus.

Recommended for

The Advanced LED: Diamond series Xml 350 is a very professional light with a guaranteed high-level performance. It is a great solution for people looking for a LED light that assists plants in a larger inside greenhouse. This light is very versatile since it provides both types of LED light, blue and red, and allows to optimize the output of any of these. The price is very high, and only reasonable for someone that is able to exploit its full potential, with an already well-established growing area that requires a reliable LED light. 3-year warranty.

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