Advanced Platinum Series P900 LED Grow Light Review

Actual watts veg 280w / Bloom 557
Ideal area coverage [foot area] veg 6 x 5 / bloom 5 x 3
Length, width, height 36 – 12 – 3
Recommended height  18 inches

The remarkable Platinum Series never falls behind in options for growing LED lights. This LED light is one of the biggest and most professional options provided by Platinum LED (the second largest one from the Platinum Series, only surpassed by the 1000W option). A superior 12-band spectrum provides plants with healthy and intense LED light to propitiate a healthy growing process. It has two switches to enhance light performance according to plants bloom or vegetative life stage.


The Good

  • Advanced LED is a proudly owned and operated U.S business.
  • 12-band grow light with results guaranteed due to the use of UV technology. The most efficient spectrum available in the market.
  • Excellent option for both stages, vegetative and flowering.
  • Compact design. Can be placed anywhere.
  • A complete spectrum and probably the biggest coverage area for a LED light of this category.
  • Remarkable and quiet cooling system featuring 4x high-speed fans.

The Bad

  • Expensive choice

Recommended for

The Advanced Platinum Series P900 is an excellent option for people looking for a larger LED light that provides a full dual spectrum. Do not let the size alarm you, its fans are very quiet and the entire system works very fluently. Another remarkable fact about this light is that it offers a 5-year warranty, which is the longest warranty period provided by a light of this class. Recommended for experts that have already spent some time studying and practicing indoor growing and require a larger LED light for their canopy. Not the best choice if you are on a budget.

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