Best 4 x 4 Grow Tents Reviews

If you are thinking of dipping your feet into growing marijuana indoors, you’ve probably read a couple of grow-tent reviews but are not sure where to start.

Lucky for you, we are also big fans of growing indoor marijuana. That’s why we have decided to make it easy for you and compile an exhaustive buying guide coupled with 5 of what we feel are best 4*4 grow tents in the market today.

1. Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT44

If you are looking for a strong and sturdy grow-tent that is not going to fall apart once set up, then this expertly designed Gorilla Grow 4 X 4 is exactly what you need. The bars are metallic and feature an interlocking frame that increases the strength of the grow tent significantly.

The density of the tent fabric is very dense ensuring the tent does not rip or tear apart. I will also help keep boring insects which could introduce diseases away from the tent.

This grow-tent is designed to be easy-to-use for beginners while incorporating enough features to be useful for those looking for advanced setup.

For customers looking for more height to get more space to fit in some additional accessories, the tent allows height adjustment through separately sold patent-pending adjustable extension poles. These give you the ability to extend the height of the tent from 6’7 to about 7’7.

The tent is accessible from any side due to the 360 degrees wrap-around zippers for convenience. However, some customers have complained about the zippers in terms of the quality and the build. While the canvas is supposed to keep the light inside, it is disappointing to see that the zipping line allowing some light to leak outside of such a premium grow tent.

We have attributed the problem to be the zipper itself. It is not easy to use and its repeated use leads to tensions along the stitches which widen the stitching holes along the line. This allows light and air to leak outside.

This makes it difficult to maintain the indoor environment at the desired levels.

The large EZ view windows allow you to view your crops easily without having to open the tent.

Ventilation and the ducting system was well thought out as it is conveniently configured to allow the plant to always have access to fresh air and the required temperature.


– Thick Canvas: The fabric is very thick which should last long without tearing.

– Easy to set up: It takes under an hour to assemble.


– Faulty zipping build: Zippers are a problem to use with this grow tent and can easily get stuck or damaged.

2. Secret Jardin DR120 Dark Room

Secret Jardin is a highly regarded grow-tent company among hydroponic growers due to its user-friendly products and innovative features.

Today we are going to look at the Dark Room 4’x 4′ x 6’7 model that is engineered to be even more robust and sturdier than its predecessors. This is made possible through the use of a heavy-duty black canvas that is virtually tear-free (2.5X tear strength) and resistant to abrasion. This helps create a tent interior that is both waterproof and lightproof.

The frames are sturdier, with 0.75″ pole diameter up from the previous 0.63″ in older models. This should make the whole set up more rigid by about 26%.

The waterproof feature is further enhanced by the use of Mylar 210D, a chemically stable material ensures an added layer of protection against leakages. This material has been used by various companies in the past including the NASA who have used it while building their satellites.

Mylar is also highly reflective and this helps to increase the light intensity and distribution throughout the tent.

Set up is fuss-free and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The build also allows equipment such as the grow light and carbon filters to be neatly installed without needing to require extra assistance or expertise.

The grow tent weighs only 29.5lbs and this means the setup can be easily relocated with ease. It is also easily collapsible if you need to transport it to another location.

The tent has enough ventilation to allow proper movement of air around and prevent bad odors. The duct-work should easily incorporate into most hydroponic systems.


– The frame is strong: The support beams are made of high-quality metal which makes the setup more sturdy and topple-resistant.

– The zippers are very strong and do not let light through.



– Lots of upgrades: There have been a total of 4 upgrades on this model and this may make some fans reluctant to purchase as they might feel they are buying an inferior model.

3. VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

This is one of the best grow tent that we have in this review. Vivosun made sure they paid attention to most of the problems that tend to plague users. The result was a beautiful yet sturdy and dependable grow tent that can house 6 – 8 plants in 3-gallon pots without any problem.

The canvas consists of a top-quality double-stitched 600D fabric that ensures 98% of the light stays inside the tent. The fabric is 0.8 mm which should keep the tent tear-free and resistant to abrasion making it last longer. An additional reflective layer of Mylar material is added on the inner side of the canvas to reduce light absorption. This should avail almost all the light to the plants for use.

Vivosun made sure the frame is as strong as possible by going with strong metallic green poles that should keep the grow-tent from collapsing. These poles effortlessly interlock with the connectors and you will not need any additional hardware to put the frame in place.

Two additional hanging bars come with the tent. These can be used to support equipment weighing as much as 110 lbs. This is more than enough weight to hang your favorite monitor equipment such as thermometers, hygrometers, and grow lamps.

Installation is very straightforward and fast. It does not require any additional tools outside of what comes with the purchase. You will be able to install it to completion without needing and extra pair of hands.

The whole tent is only 28 lbs hence you should be able to move it around with ease.

Most grow tents tend to allow light to leak through the small holes along the zipping line. Vivosun made sure the zipping line was covered with a double layer black lining which ensures the line is light-proof. It uses zippers from SBS, a renowned zipper manufacturer. These zippers are very strong and do not break easily.

Ventilation openings are also double-layer, which should make sure light retention is not compromised when using ventilation fans.

The floor tray is waterproof and easily removable which should help you keep the area as clean as possible.


– Easy assembly: This tent does not require extra tools which makes its installation fast and easy.

– High-quality zippers: You will not have to deal with stuck zippers while using this grow tent as they are very strong and durable.


– Excessively thick viewing window: This makes reading measuring equipment such as thermometers very hard.

4. Apollo Horticulture AH TENT-48X48X80

This 4 x 4 grow tent from Apollo Horticulture is highly recommended to those who are looking to venture into hydroponics.

While it may not feature the ultra-high quality tent fabric as we saw with Vivosun’s 4 x 4 bestseller, the material is still thick enough to ensure durability and long-lasting use. This enables the manufacturer to offer a cheaper product for roughly the same quality.

This grow tent is also one of the tallest we have in this review. It is 80″ tall. This enables it to accommodate more equipment without having to extend the top.

The canvas is very thick and durable. It has a Mylar lining on the inside which not only makes it 100% light-proof but also tear-proof. Mylar has been time tested by big companies such as NASA and proven to possess great qualities.

Zippers are heavy-duty and easy to move along the line. The lining is double stitched to ensure no light escapes from the tent. This should ensure maximum light is retained inside for use by the plants.

The floor tray is also made with the Mylar lining to make it water-proof. This ensures the area is tidy throughout, hence minimal cleaning is required. It can also accommodate up to 9 or more cannabis plants without hindering their growth.

Assembling this grow-tent is also hassle-free. While the quality of instructional pamphlet can be improved, the overall assembly is quite easy and straight forward and should be completed in under 30 minutes without requiring assistance.

The frame is made sturdy by the use of metallic poles as opposed to plastic ones as they are more reliable and can last long without breaking. Two support metal poles can be used to hang equipment in the tent.

This tent comes with 90 days warranty and Apollo Brand Quality Guarantee coupled with exceptional customer care. If you feel the tent you have received is of low quality or has been damaged, you can get your money back if you apply for a refund. You should make sure you do this within 30 days from the day of purchase.


– 100% light-proof: This should ensure optimum photosynthesis is achieved in the tent.
– Superior growth without the high price tag: It is much cheaper than counterparts offering the same quality.
– Durable: The quality double-stitching use of a thick fabric extends the service time of the grow tent.


– Awful assembly instruction: The pamphlet manual is not clear enough and can be improved.


And there you go folks! That is our best four grow tents we feel you should check out if you are planning to venture into hydroponics. We included a brand that allows for extension, a best seller, and a cheaper alternative so you can view grow tents from different perspectives which should help you along the way in making an informed decision based on your needs.

  1. The quality of the tent fabric: The canvas material can greatly affect how long the tent will last. A thick enough double-stitched should be enough to ensure the tent does not tear easily. A Mylar film on top should further strengthen the canvas and give it some light-proof and water-proof capabilities.
  2. How strong the frame was: Metallic poles help a lot to ensure the whole setup is sturdy enough against collapsing forces. The corner-joints also play a significant role in ensuring the frame remain strong even when heavy equipment is hanged inside.
  3. The quality of the zippers. If the zippers are done poorly, they let light out through the stitching holes. This denies the plants some of the light that is crucial in photosynthesis.
  4. The light retention capability of the tent: The Mylar material lining has the excellent lightproof capability and this ensures 92 -97% of the light from the bulb goes directly to the plants for use. This helps save on bills as less energy is required.
  5. Ease of assembly: A good grow tent should be assembled in less than an hour. The assembly should also not require you to have additional tools outside of those provided with the purchase as this will make the whole process even more difficult.

We hope you found this buying guide useful.

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