Best Quality Carbon Filter

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TerrabBloom Charcoal

  • 3 different sizes
  • 2 year life expectancy
  • 400 CFM

Cheapest Carbon Filter

yescom carbon filter review-min

Yescom Carbon Filter

  • 2 available sizes
  • Prices starting at $25
  • Cotton Filter Design

If you are sensing some foul smells in your household, then your grow room or grow tent might be the culprit. The lingering odor from the grow rooms can be a considerable concern, particularly for growers who live apartment buildings or with other people.

Not everyone wants the smell of marijuana or any other plant in their noises; therefore, don’t give your nosy neighbors a reason for complaining about your grow room. 

So the big question here is, what will you do to get rid of the foul smell? 

The solution to that is getting yourself the best carbon filter for grow room.

What is a carbon filter?

A carbon filter is a device commonly used to remove impurities and odor in the air. The equipment finds a lot of application in grow rooms where indoor plants like cannabis are grown.

It may seem an absurd thing investing in the best carbon filter for your grow room. However, it is the best investment you can make as you will not only be keeping the foul smell at bay, but also have fresh air for the healthy growth of your plants. 

In this article, we’ll show you the best carbon filters for grow rooms and how to pick the right one to scrub the air inside your grow room.

Let’s commence with the top ten best carbon filter for grow rooms.

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Top 10 Carbon Filter: Overview

Carbon Filter NameDiameter SizesLife ExpectancyPrice
Hon&Guan4'' & 6''1,5 yearsCheck Price
iPower Carbon Filter4''2 yearsCheck Price
TopoGrow Carbon Filter4'', 6'' & 8''1-1,5 yearsCheck Price
Activated Charcoal4'', & 6''2 yearsCheck Price
Vivosun Carbon Filter4''1,5 yearsCheck Price
Phresh Filter 4''1 yearCheck Price
Amagabeli6''2 yearsCheck Price
Coolgrows4'' & 6''1,5 yearsCheck Price
Growneer4'' & 6''2 yearsCheck Price
yescom4'' & 6'' 1-1,5 yearsCheck Price

1. Hon and Guan 6-inch Carbon Filter

It is a highly recommended carbon filter by most growers because of its unmatched performance. The construction of the main structure is made from galvanized steel, which is more durable than aluminum.


Besides that, another feature that makes it stand out is the ability to work both as an intake filter and an exhaust. With that, you can use it to purify, filter, or move air. Therefore, you can install this filter as an intake filter by situating the pre-filter outside or install it as an exhaust filter by placing the pre-filter inside. All this is thanks to the reversible smell filtration system on the unit.


The carbon filter comes with a base and filter flange constructed on its main structure. The filter flange and base are switchable; hence, you can use it for a long time. Moreover, the inner and outer mesh have sufficient open are which maximizes the airflow.


If your grow room is enclosed, then this is the best carbon filter for you. It’s because it will soak and eliminate unwanted smells in your enclosed grow room. Furthermore, it promotes healthy growth of your plants by ensuring the air is always clean.


  • Uses zinc treatment which is resistant to chemical corrosion

    it has a switchable filter flange and base for more extended use

    Its outer and inner mesh provide a more open area for maximum airflow

    Uses galvanized air scrubber which is highly durable

    Used as both an intake filter and an exhaust
  • The CFM rating is not given

    It has poor connection pieces
Final Verdict

2. iPower 4-inch Carbon Filter Review

If you are taking things to the next level by becoming a profession grower, then you absolutely need a professional grade carbon filter. The iPower 4-inch carbon filter will surely satisfy your needs.


The carbon filter comes with a cap constructed from high-quality aluminum material. That’s not for the looks alone, as it is long lasting and has maximum strength. Besides that, this carbon filter has a four-layer construction that features a charcoal bed, an inner mesh, an outer mesh, and a pre-filter situated on the outside.


By having an inner and outer mesh, it has a larger open area for maximum airflow. Remember to replace the pre-filter after every six months because it’s not long lasting.


Furthermore, it features virgin carbons sourced from earth’s pressurized sources. These carbons are very efficient in removing odor from your grow room. It also comes with a flange and reversible base that allow you to flip the entire filter upside down. Since the flange and base are reversible, you can remount them for effective scrubbing in the second year.


  • It comes with a reversible flange and base that increases the usability
    It has a high-quality aluminum cap which is long lasting
    Uses virgin carbon which is very useful in removing pungent odors
    It comes with an inner and outer mesh design which increases the airflow
    It has a four-layer construction for effective performance
  • The pre-filter is effective for a short time
Final Verdict

3. TopoGrow 6-inch High CFM Carbon Filter Review

Looking for quality, then you’ve found it. This TopoGrow carbon filter comes with a high-end design made of carbon charcoal and a pad.


The body of this carbon filter features a zinc anodized steel casing. The combination is highly durable than other materials. On top of that, the casing is highly resistant to corrosion, particularly corrosion caused by chemical action


Do you need it as an intake air cleansing gadget or an exhaust device? Worry not, as Topogrow got you covered. It serves both purposes to ensure your plants enjoy fresh and odor free air for healthy growth. 


Moreover, the thickness of the carbon layer is 1.5 inches, and it can operate at a temperature of -20 to 65 degrees Celsius. Remember to note the maximum temperature it can operate at is 400 degrees Celsius.


It also comes with a flange and a reversible filter base, which extend the filter’s life. Additionally, it’s excellent in removing pungent smells and odors; hence, enhancing privacy.

  • It has a superior airflow of 450 CFM
    It helps to remove impurities in the air thanks to the changeable Velcro pre-filter
    Comes with a flange and reversible filter that improves the filter’s life
    It has a remarkable pungent odor control for maximum privacy
    The casing is made from anodized zinc steel which is highly durable
  • The pre-filter may at times fail to perform effectively
Final Verdict

4. TerrabBloom activated charcoal filter Review

It is one of the best carbon filters for grow room built to perform. It’s made of high-quality RC-48 charcoal sources from Western Australia.


It comes with a carbon bed incorporated in the unit. The unit itself is machine packed and measuring 46mm thick. On top of that, it’s integrated with very tiny granules which increases the extent of filtration.


The construction of its body is aluminum construction, which is lightweight. Therefore, if you don’t like the position at which you installed it, you can easily move it elsewhere without too much effort. Not to forget, it comes with an aluminum flange and base which are already pre-installed.


Among other best carbon filters for grow room, it is the only brand that offers you with two machine pre-filters which are washable. These two pre-filters are available in white and black colors.


The airflow rating of this best carbon filter for grow room is 550 CFM, which remains like that for the twenty-four months. Furthermore, it is able to filter plant-based allergens as well as their foul smells leaving your grow room with fresh and healthy air.

  • It keeps the air inside clean and fresh as its effective in removing plant-based allergens
    It is lightweight and, hence, easy to install and move around
    It comes with a thick carbon bed for maximum smell control
    You get two machine washable pre-filters which are effective in air cleaning
    It uses activated virgin carbon which is efficient in removing odor.
  • It requires ducting for you to attach a fan
Final Verdict

5. Vivosun 4-inch carbon filter Review

It is a remarkable carbon filter that also features virgin activated charcoal sourced from Australia. With this, you are sure of having reliable airflow filtration.


The virgin activated carbon is no ordinary carbon – it is 48 (1050+) carbon. The carbon used high is very much capable of capturing more contaminants in the air inside the grow room than other conventional filters.


Unlike other best carbon filters for grow room, this model from Vivosun provides you with a reversible base and flange. That means you can flip the flange and bottom easily; hence, extending the life of the filter by a couple of years.


The carbon filter is a four-layer construction that features an inner and outer mesh. By featuring both the inner and outer mesh, it provides a large area for maximum airflow. On top of that, the design is incorporated with a Velcro pre-filter.


It is a dual carbon filter as you can use it as an intake filter or as an exhaust along with multiple devices such as air exchange fans, six-inch inline fan, and ventilation ducts.

  • Uses carbon particles which eliminate more contaminants in the air than conventional filters You can use it both as an intake filter or as an exhaust in multiple configurations It comes with inner and outer mesh that allow effective and maximum airflow It comes with a flange and reversible base that provide longer life
  • The pre-filter has a short lifetime It is not suitable for large grow rooms
Final Verdict

6. Phresh Filter 4 200 CFM Review

It is one of the most premium filter brands in the market, and it is widely loved by indoor growers. It also comes in a broad range of sizes for you to pick. You’ll definitely get a model that suits your application. Let’s get to see why it’s loved as well as why it’s not.


The carbon filter comes with a pre-filter on it; therefore, each filter has its pre-filter. The pre-filter is basically a washable polyester screen that denies the particulate matter access to the carbon thus clogging it up.


Compared to other filters in the block, this Phresh filter is lightweight and comes with an open air mesh structure to maximize air getting in and out of the filter.


The brand tries to extend the lifespan, presentation, and handling of the carbon filter by ensuring the filter is boxed, sealed, bagged, and immediately labeled after it’s made.


Additionally, it comes with extra features that help in preventing dust accumulation in the air in your grow room. Therefore, your plants will always take in the fresh air.


Apart from the love it gets, it’s also criticized. There have been complaints about the carbon filter does not come in a discrete box but in a black box with the name Phresh written all over. Well, this can compromise your privacy especially if you wanted nobody to know about it. It is also expensive compared to its peers.

  • It is convenient and handy to use It comes in a broad range of sizes to fit any application It can run for a long time without breaking down The model is backed by excellent customer service from the brand
  • It's a bit expensive
Final Verdict

7. Amagabeli 4-inch carbon filter Review

The name of this brand may seem a bit strange to you, but it is one of the best carbon filters in the market.


Despite its strange name, it can clean your grow room air by removing all the foreign particles, foul odors, dust, and any other organic compounds. All these are thanks to the Australian Virgin Charcoal packed in its construction.


On top of that, it comes with elastic bands and washable pre-filters which you can mount around the carbon filter flawlessly. The washable pre-filter is a huge plus for this carbon filter as most of its peers do not come with this feature.


The outer and inner mesh of this carbon filter is made of aluminum, which makes for increased air flow. With such a feature, it makes it an ideal equipment carbon filter for use in grow rooms growing pepper, vegetable lettuce, herbs, and tomato.


The charcoal design used on Amagabeli 4-inch carbon filter ensures proper absorption of air molecules; thus, increasing the lifetime.


Besides that, this filter does an excellent job in keeping the light cool, moving air, and filtering out smells for better health for plants and enhance privacy.


If durability is a concern to you, then it is the carbon filter for you as it is heavy duty. For those who are not concerned about durability, then it is a heavier filter compared to others; hence, not suitable for use with a lightweight tent.

  • Used as an exhaust filter or intake filter It has a robust and well-constructed body Comes with a filter cloth that removes dust particles before hitting the carbon filter
  • It’s too heavy for use in lightweight grow tent
Final Verdict

8. Coolgrows carbon filter Review

If you are in a tight budget and you really need a carbon filter for your grow room, then this Coolgrows carbon filter is the best option for you by far. It is cheap and does not compromise on quality. 


The area of the inner mesh and outer mesh is about 53%, with such area, it passes air quickly; hence, increasing the flow rate. Nonetheless, the carbon is packed so dense to allow the carbon to filter about 99.8% of air.


The carbon used in this carbon filter is 1050+ virgin charcoal bed carbon sourced from Australia. This carbon used is excellent in absorbing foul smell and chemicals in the air. Moreover, the virgin charcoal used by here allows you to use this filter in kitchens, garages, and bathrooms.


Galvanized sheet steel is the material used on the body of the filter, which is a bit stronger and durable than aluminum. Moreover, the anodized zinc steel on its structure ensures the carbon filter will not corrode and last for years.


The model comes in different sizes of 4.6 and 8 inches, allowing you to pick a model that suits you best. You get value for your money when you purchase this model as the manufacturer offers you a 1-year warranty.

  • Available in various sizes

    Made with zinc anodized galvanized steel

    Comes with a 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal

    Very cheap

  • There is no specification of the airflow speed rating
Final Verdict

9. Growneer 8-inch carbon filter

It is one of the best carbon filters for grow rooms with a high rating in some of the selling platforms. It is an 8-inch carbon filter; therefore, it fits almost everyone.


The carbon filter does an excellent job in soaking chemicals and all the foul smells in the air thanks to the raw carbon 1050+ IAV virgin charcoal sourced from Australia. On top of that, this superb carbon does an excellent job at odor absorption.


The base of this carbon filter has a cone-shaped design to allow it to accommodate more airflow rate and; hence, allow quick odor elimination. The filter allows you to remove the flange and the base to allow you to reverse the charcoal canister. By this, you can use it as a reversible smell filtration equipment. Furthermore, it comes with pre-filters and filter belts.

  • It uses high-quality 1050+ activated carbon sourced from Australia which is excellent in eliminating foul smells It has a cone based bottom shape to accommodate maximum airflow It comes with reversible smell filtration It is excellent at odor control
  • It does not indicate the airflow rate specifications It has no warranty
Final Verdict

10. Yescom carbon filter Review

If you own a small grow tent, then this 4-inch carbon filter from Yescom is the best carbon filter for you. It is a cheap carbon filter with excellent features and ratings in selling platforms. Cool, right?


It uses coconut shell activated carbon filter which is approximately 10-inch long. With this size, it makes it safe and efficient in operation.

The manufacturers gave this model a 53% open hole are so that it allows more air to pass through to the carbon filter; hence, increasing the extent of odor elimination.


On top of that, it comes with three carbon filter pads situated outside the carbon filter to help in preventing the carbon in the filter from leaking outside. 


The filter used in this model are self-sufficient and; hence, do not require any kind of maintenance. Nonetheless, you’ll also get three elastic ropes as well as a pre-filter.

  • A massive open hole area It is compact and lightweight It has a high absorption rate for odor and chemicals in the air
  • It is not suitable for large size grow rooms
Final Verdict

Everything you need to know about carbon filters

How to choose the right carbon filter?

Immediately you set foot into a grow room equipment store or visit online selling platforms, you’ll be shocked with the number of carbon filters available. Right or left, what you see is a carbon filter. Luckily for you reading this guide, you already have ten best carbon filters when setting up your grow room that you can pick from.

Well, are considerations you can take into account for you to have a better chance of landing on the best carbon filter for your grow room.


Grow room size

It is the very first thing you need to know before heading out to purchase a carbon filter. You have to calculate the size of your grow room by merely multiplying the width by the length and the height. For instance, if your room has a ceiling 8.5 feet high and measures ten by twelve feet, then the size of your grow room in cubic feet is 1020.

Know when it comes to picking the right one, first ensure the CFM of the fan matches the cubic feet of the grow room. Now because you want a carbon filter, go for the one with a fan CFM of 20% higher than the size of your grow room.


Carbon thickness

A carbon filter with a thicker carbon is the best option for you. The thicker the carbon, the greater the extent of absorption. Therefore, the carbon filter will be more effective in eliminating foul smell. The price of a carbon filter having a thicker carbon will be a little to the high side, but it is worth the price.



Most of the carbon filters available in the market today they come packed with pre-filters, which you place outside of the carbon filter. The function of this pre-filter is preventing particulate matter in the air like dust from entering the carbon filter. It is a vital feature to always look out for because the pre-filter extends the lifespan of the carbon filter as well as the inline fan and other equipment you are using in your grow room.



The best carbon filter for your grow room should be one having compact carbon filters. It’s because a compact carbo is less noisy during operation. On top of that, a compact carbon filter is effective in absorbing smell and odor and transport them into the carbon granules. No matter how luring or stylish a carbon filter using air pockets in between is, always opt for the one which is compact. It does its job to perfection.



Well, most of us will prefer a cheap carbon filter to an expensive one. It is better to purchase an expensive high-quality carbon filter that will last longer compared to the cheap ones which will need regular inspection and maintenance. Most of the expensive carbon filters are robust and offer you great performance; moreover, their maintenance is light.


Filter replacement

One of the drawbacks of a carbon filter system is filter replacement. It’s because replacing the saturated carbon filters regularly can be expensive. Therefore, when you are purchasing the best carbon filter for your grow room, select one with a life expectancy of up to two years. With this, you’ll have a grace period of saving and purchasing other filters for replacement.

Always follow the given guidelines from the manufacturer when replacing the filters so that you may not damage anything while doing the replacement. One way to know it is time to replace the carbon filter is if you smell foul smell in your grow room.



If you want the best value for your hard earned money, go for a multifunctional carbon filter. A multifunctional filter will function both as an inline fan and an exhaust fan and at the same time working as a carbon filter.



It is an important consideration, especially if you want to have peace of mind. It’s because within the warranty period you have a guarantee that the carbon filter is free from defects as the manufacturer will always have you covered. Therefore, you are sure of the highest level of satisfaction.



Grow rooms are ideal places for planting indoor plants. One challenge with them is keeping them ventilated and free from chemicals and unwanted particulate matter in the air. However, with the best carbon filter for grow room, this problem is solved.

Concerning the high number of carbon filters present in the market today, the mentioned carbon filters are by far the best and effective in their work. Nonetheless, the guide on how to choose the best carbon filter will also help you choose the right one if you stuck between two carbon filters.

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