Best Digital Scales For Weed

In the pot world, weed scales are crucial since they measure out marijuana efficiently and quickly. If you’ve had thoughts about purchasing one, you’ve probably come across several options.

If you are investing in the cannabis scales for the first, you likely have several questions running through your mind. What to look for when buying the best digital scales for weed? What are the best digital scales for weed? No worries! In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through the types of digital scales, how to buy the perfect digital scales and a top ten list of the best digital scales for weed.

Let’s begin our guide by taking a look at the top ten best digital scales for weed.

1. Smart Weigh SWS100 elite digital pocket scale

It is one of the few most famous digital weed scales in most selling platforms. Let’s first take a look at its benefits and downplays.


• It can measure ounces, carats, gram, and grain – graduation 0.01 gram

• Excellent backlit display and robust platform

• Dedicated buttons for weighing modes and tare

• Foldable pocket scale

• Comes with a lid to cover the display and platform


• ‘Full’ error

• Inaccurate measurements



The design of the scale is unique when compared to other weighing scales. This is due to the removable lid and its resemblance to a scientific calculator. The lid is not only for covering the display but also carries vital information that you may need when using the scale.

The platform of this scale is brushed metal meaning it is a digital scale that would last for a long time. It displays the digits in a relatively bigger size and with the help of backlit display ensures you don’t miss out on reading any value. 

Beneath the display, you’ll get three buttons – the first one is for turning the scale on and off, the second one is for mode, and lastly, the third one helps you to tare the weight (from right to left). The mode button allows you to shift between weighing modes, for instance from carat to gram.

The scale can measure any item in carats, ounces, grains, and grams. The graduation unit for this scale is 0.01 gram. One thing that seems to be a problem with this scale is that it can start reading ‘full’ yet there is nothing on the platform. Moreover, some customers have raised complaints about the scale giving inaccurate measurements.

2. Spirit Pronto pocket scale

It is a scale that can be used to measure both weed and small quantities of food items. Due to its sleek and smart design, and not forgetting its digital backlight scale, it will surely get your attention. Below are its pros and cons


• Accurate measurements

• It has a graduation 0.1-gram graduation

• It has a backlight display


• Likelihood of breaking after a few months

• It gives inconsistent measurements


One thing about this scale that impresses almost every buyer is that it is a backlight display scale. This is thanks to the circuit design that only needs two AAA batteries to function properly. It is an incredible feature, especially in the pocket scale category.

When it comes to measuring, it takes a short time to give you the measurements. It is really faster than most scales in the market. This is thanks to the counting function that it bears. Nonetheless, it comes with dedicated buttons for calibration, taring, and piece counting. That saves you time as you’ll not have to press the same button to shift from one option to the other.

On top of that, the scale itself weighs 4.13*4.96*0.63” that is about 6.4 ounces. It, therefore, makes it a pocket product that you can easily keep in your pocket. 

In terms of cons, the most concerned issue is the functionality of the scale. Some customers have reported that the scale broke down after a few months. Furthermore, they’ve been issues about the consistency of the measurements it gives.

3. Horizon PCC-100 digital pocket scale and calculator

Are you looking for a two in one digital scale? Well, look no further as this Horizon PCC-100 scale offers exactly that. You can use it to measure weed, and on top of that use, the calculator found behind the lid for calculations. Moreover, the lid comes with a memory.


• Tare and mode functions

• Solar powered calculator lid

• Backlit display showing big digits

• Measures up to 100 grams and a minimum of 0.01 gram


• Requires constant calibration


The lid is a solar-powered regular calculator; hence, offering you two-in-one solutions for weed measurements. With this, you’ll never go wrong when measuring.

The maximum weighing capacity of this scale is 100 grams while the minimum capacity is 0.01 gram. With this capacity, you can measure a sane quantity of marijuana in one go as well as when the quantity to be measured is very little.  

This pocket scale features a blue backlight display. Despite it being a pocket scale, it displays large digits for you to read flawlessly. It also comes with two dedicated buttons, which are tare and mode that allow you to tare weight down to zero and change between weighing options.

As far as the problems are concerned, the scale is inconsistent in its readings. Moreover, the calibration also has issues as you have to calibrate it every time you want to weight weed. 

4. Smart Weigh ZIP300

Smart Weigh makes it again in the top ten best digital scales for weed with the ZIP300 model. Before going to further details, let’s look at some of its pros and cons


• It has multiple modes – ct, gn, dwt, g, oz

• Backlit display

• Compact, small, and lightweight 

• It has 60 seconds mechanical auto-off


• Inconsistent readings

• The platform for weighing is not raised


The scale has a smaller size than some of the standard smartphones. The exact dimensions of this scale are 4.5*2.5*0.6,” and it weighs 4.3 ounces. This is less than an iPhone 6.

Keeping in mind that the scale is small and features options like tare and mode as well as a digital backlight display, it requires power. Therefore, the scale comes with two AAA batteries, and on top of that, there is an added sixty seconds mechanical auto-off.

The backlight display has a blue color; hence, making it easy on your eyes when reading the digits despite the digits being small. 

The scale supports multiple modes such as oz, dwt, gn, ct, and g. Thanks to the mode button, you can switch between these measurements flawlessly.

On the cons, the weighing platform is not elevated when compared to other pocket digital weed scales. This can compromise the accuracy of measurements. Additionally, there is inconsistency in the measurements given by this scale.

5. American Weigh Scale Gemini-20 milligram scale

It is one of the famous digital weed scales in the market. Let’s take a look at what makes it be a popular digital weigh scale in most e-commerce platforms.


• Comes with a protective lid

• Comes with a tray, tweezers, calibration weight, and a carrying case

• It weighs a maximum capacity of 20 grams (in 0.001-gram increments)

• Mode and tare buttons


• It has a likelihood of malfunctioning

• Inaccurate weighing


Well, as you can see, inaccurate weighing is a common problem for most digital scales for weed. First, let us have a look at the pros and later on the problems.

With the maximum weighing capacity of 20 milligrams, it clearly tells you that this digital scale is made to measure only lightweight items such as marijuana and herbs. 

It is a full shebang as it comes with tweezers, a tray, a carrying case, and calibration weight. The carrying case will ensure the scale is safe from physical damage while the tweezers help in retrieving the calibration weight once you’re done with the job. 

Next, to the lower side of the scale, you’ll find a lid that you can flip and cover the scale. Additionally, it comes with a transparent protective lid with the AWS logo.

In this scale, you’ll also find two dedicated buttons, that is tare and mode buttons. The mode button will help you to switch from one weighing mode to another while the tare button wipes the slate clean and brings it down to zero.

Apart from the inaccurate weighing measurements, the scale has been reported by some customers to break in the first few months.

6. Boldall portable digital scale

It is one of the best digital scales for weed that most people don’t know about; however, with its balanced set of functions, it makes it a perfect scale for weighing weed.


• Stylish and sleek design

• Transparent lid cover

• Mode, tare, and pieces buttons


• The measurements seem to fluctuate

• It frequently requires you to reset to work properly


When it comes to looks, Boldall does not fail to deliver. It has a stylish and sleek modern look. The body is all black, which is a bit odd for digital scales for weeds. It is a rather heavy product as it measures 10.9 ounces.

If you keenly examine this scale, you’ll realize that there is great attention to detail. For instance, the protective lid, which is not common in the digital scales world. Furthermore, the lid is transparent. The display panel is not covered.

Still, on the display panel, it is backlight, and there are three buttons apart from the power button. The M button stands for the mode functionality, and the T button stands for tare. There is also a button that allows you to weigh in pieces. The scale also allows you to measure in g, oz, lb, and kg.

When using this scale, the measurements seem to fluctuate; moreover, you’ll be required to reset it every time you are measuring.

7. American Weigh Scale Signature Series digital scale

American Weigh Scale (AWS) makes it again in the top ten best digital scales for weed with yet another popular model. 


• Flip-open lid protection and stainless steel material

• It has a blue backlit display

• Maximum weight capacity is 1000 g, and minimum capacity is 0.1 g


• Malfunctioning

• Inaccurate measurements


The maximum weight capacity of 1000 g would definitely blow your head off. The maximum capacity makes it good enough for measuring marijuana. The minimum capacity is also satisfactory. You can measure your weed in more than gram as it supports other weighing modes such as ox, ct, and gn.

The blue color on the backlit display makes the digits to appear big; hence, makes reading measurements super easy. 

The digital weed scale comes with a flip-open lid that enhances the protection of the scale. The stainless steel material makes it easy to clean and hard to break.

8. Etekcity Touch digital kitchen scale

It is a popular digital scale because of its maximum and minimum weight capacities. Below are its pros and cons. 


• Easy to clean

• It has a smart tare button

• Maximum weight capacity 5 kg and the minimum weight capacity is 0.1 Oz


• It has a poorly designed power off

• Inconsistent measurements


It features a tempered glass surface that is easy to clean, making it an ideal digital scale for use at home. It’s also not easy to break it.

If you are into the marijuana business, then it a perfect option by far due to the high maximum weight capacity and low minimum weight capacity. There is also a smart tare button that allows you to deduct the weight on the scale quickly.

9. Poniie digital jewelry food scale

It is a pocket-size scale with unique features. The following are some of its pros and cons.


• Comes with pieces, tare, mode measuring options

• A blue backlit display


• The scale needs to be constantly calibrated


The scale comes with a blue digital display. The digits displayed on the scale are big enough; hence, easy for you to read.

Since you’ll be measuring weed or herbs, the maximum weight capacity of 500 g is good enough. The 0.01 g minimum weight capacity is also satisfactory.

Apart from the mode and tare buttons, the scale features Pieces button abbreviated as PCS. This PCS button allows you to measure items in pieces.

10. AWS blade style digital scale

One thing that stands out from this digital scale is the new design that is not common in the digital scale world. Here are the pros and cons


• Extremely innovative design

• It has a retractable backlit display

• Measures 100 g to 0.01 g measurements


• Glitch with calibration


AWS continues to surprise us by giving this model a completely innovative design on its body that’s never been seen on any digital weed scale.  

Not only is the body unique, but the display also comes with a retractable backlit display that is not common in most digital weed scales.

On top of that, it comes with expansion treys. This makes it even more colorful. That’s why it’s a favorite digital weed scale among ladies.

What to look for when purchasing the best digital scales for weed

With so many different models of digital scales out there, it can feel a bit intimidating when shopping for a digital weed scale for the first time. When purchasing a digital weed scale, there are things you should consider that will help you get the digital weed scale that you’ve been looking for. They include the following;

Size or portability

Size and portability ride along. A small-sized digital weed scale can be moved from one place to the other easily. Moreover, the size also depends on how you are planning to use the digital scale. For instance, if you are looking forward to weighing your marijuana on the go, then a pocket scale or a medium-duty scale is the appropriate choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to use the scale primarily at home, then a heavy-duty scale is the perfect choice for you.

Weight limits

In addition to the size of the digital scale for weed, another item to keep in mind is the average weight of the marijuana you’ll be weighing. In the market, you’ll find digital scales for weed that can measure small amounts (up to 20 grams), while others can measure large amounts (about 500 grams). Therefore, if you need to weight larger or heavier batches, then the small digital scales for weed will not have the capacity to measure them. Remember, exceeding the set weight limit may damage the scale.

The measurement precision

No one wants a faulty scale or one which is not precise. For instance, if the marijuana you are weighing is to be commercially sold, then a scale that is not precise can lead you to losses. When picking a digital scale, try and look for one that can measure up to one-hundredth of a gram. Yes, there are those that measure a tenth of a gram, but the hundred one is more precise and accurate.


If you are planning to purchase a digital scale for weed and use it for commercial purposes, then it should bear a certification mark from the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). The certification us placed by the National Conference on Weights and Measures, which offer the specifications that dictate the capacity of digital scales, their accuracy, and how shifts in temperature affect their functionality.

Types of digital scales for weed

Digital scales are divided into four categories. They include;

Pocket scales

If you are looking for a portable and convenient digital scale for weed, then a pocket marijuana scale is the perfect option for you. The pocket scales are the cheapest weed scales in the market; therefore, an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers.

That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on some features and precision. By choosing from a reputable brand, you’ll get a digital weed scale that’s compact and can measure small items accurately.

Despite their ease of portability, they also have certain downfalls. One of the downfalls is that they can only be useful when measuring weed – any other purpose won’t work out for this scale.

Medium-duty scales

It is a digital weed scale that is capable of holding a bit more weight and are useful for all-around use. They aren’t as tiny as the pocket scale, but you can still tote them around. They can hold heavier weights than the pocket scales. However, it is vital not to go past their capacity as you will be damaging it.

Heavy-duty scales

In a scenario where you need to measure a capacity more than what a pocket and medium-duty weed scale can measure, a heavy-duty scale comes in handy. A heavy-duty scale does double the work and even be used as a kitchen scale. Therefore, in addition to weighing your cannabis, you can use it to measure dry goods for baking (let’s say brownies or marijuana-infused cookies, perhaps?). If you are looking forward to being measuring your weed all at once, then this is an excellent option.

Stealth scales

These scales are a perfect example of creative innovation in the cannabis industry. It’s because of the technology behind this scale. If you want to stay under the radar, then a stealth scale is an excellent option for you. Besides this, they are very stylish, and you’d always want to show it off to your friends.

The small stealth scales come with storage compartments. Therefore, if you need to hide your stash of weed, the small stealth scales are the best option by far.

The metric system

Since the main topic here is digital scales for weed, it is crucial to have a decent understanding of the metric system. That includes knowing how much is one gram and the quantity of grams in an ounce of weed. It is important for you to understand this, particularly when purchasing the best digital scales for weed.

For the record, in one ounce of marijuana is equivalent to 28.359 grams. Get the numbers right as many people think that 28 grams are in one ounce of cannabis, when in fact, it is more than that. On a general note, around 40 joints can be rolled from one ounce of marijuana.

On top of that, an additional term to know is an eighth of weed. It measures to 3.5 grams, meaning that eight bags of eighths are equivalent to one ounce of weed. 


If you are in the quest of getting a digital weed scale, then what is remaining for you to do is purchasing. With the buying guide and list of the top digital scales for weed, you are set to go. Good luck!


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