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Cannabis was first frowned upon up until the medical world realized the benefits it offers. Currently, it’s legal in most of the states, and most people are even growing it in their rooms with the help of grow tents or grow cabinets

After the invention of grow tents, many products have been introduced which help you to grow quality cannabis as well as other plants.

Among the many types of equipment introduced to be used in grow tents and hydroponics, tent fans stand out to be the essential equipment. Tent fans for hydroponics have become the next big thing when it comes to growing cannabis plants, and they are pretty useful. 

Of course, they have also been relatively underestimated, but these little machines play a vital role in the healthy growth and development of your cannabis plants. They mainly help you by managing humidity and temperature in your grow tent.

If it’s you wish to create a cool and stress-free environment for your cannabis to flourish, then we are here to help you get the perfect fan. 

First, let’s commence with the top ten best grow tent fans for hydroponics then move on to the buying guide.

Top 9 Grow Tent Fans: Overview

Grow tent fan nameDuct SizeAirflowNoisePrice
Apollo Horticulture4''190 CFM69 dBCheck Price
CLOUDLINE T66''351 CFM32 dBCheck Price
Hydrofarm ACDF88''400 CFM71 dBCheck Price
Vortex S Line S-6006''347 CFM52 dBCheck Price
iPower 66''442 CFM65 dBCheck Price
Tjernlund M-Series6''460 CFM40 dBCheck Price
Can Fan GL567367466''420 CFM60 dBCheck Price
VIVOSUN 6''390 CFM37 dBCheck Price
Hurricane Inline Fan6''435 CFM70 dBCheck Price

1. Apollo Horticulture inline tent fan

One unique feature that Apollo Horticulture brings to this competition is the addition of a speed controller. It is an excellent feature as it enables you to set up the speed of the fan that you want based on what your plants need. The feature makes it possible to customize this Apollo Horticulture tent fan. 

The fan comes in several sizes that’s from 4” to 8”. One thing that misses out from this fan is charcoal and ducting filters. However, for their 4” tent, they feature the charcoal filter but at an extra cost. The top speed of this fan is 2630 RPM while offering an air blow of 440 CFM. The speed and air blow quantity enable it to remove fumes and heat buildup in the tent quickly. 

The fan has a slick design as it neither too big or too small. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

Final Verdict

2. AC Infinity Cloudline T6 tent fan

It is commonly referred to as a smart tent fan as it bears a state of the art EC-motor. Moreover, it makes use of electronic pulses with the help of smart programming that controls the speed of the fan. With this smart programming feature, the fan produces 40% less noise over the conventional tent fans that use voltage suppression.

On top of that, it features active temperature monitoring that adjusts the fan speed automatically; hence, responding to varying temperatures. The systems used in this fan utilize EC or a DC motor, which is controlled by Pulse Width Modulation. This technology provides more energy and makes the fan to b quiet. 

AC Infinity Cloudline also had something to offer on their body, which is several flow designs for you to choose. Even when using the fan in high static pressure conditions or environments, AC Infinity Cloudline tent fan ensures the fan maintains peak performance.  

When purchasing this fan, you get a complete kit, which includes a user manual, the inline fan unit, and every equipment needed for mounting and powering the fan through an outlet. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits and disadvantages.

Final Verdict

3. Hydrofarm ACDF8 fan

It is yet another loved brand among the best grow tent fan for hydroponics category. If you are a beginner, looking forward to taking things to the next level and be a professional, then this fan will certainly meet your professional-quality requirements. They offer several models with varying sizes. You can get a 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12”. 

One thing that this brand boasts about is its durability, simplicity, and priceless design. When it comes to looks, they also know how to play their cards. The body of their fans are coated with ceramic; therefore, your fan is free from degradation and rust of some of the metal components.

When purchasing this fan, you get all the necessary hardware and mounting brackets all in one package. Another exciting feature that you get is that the fan is AC powered; therefore, no need of getting worried about the battery draining. Nonetheless, there are no issues with overheating. The fan does its job diligently and still operates quietly that you won’t realize it’s in the grow tent. If the fan got your attention, read on to see some of its pros and cons.

Final Verdict

4. Vortex Line S-600 fan

It is a great tent fan for small and medium size grow tents. It has a sleek and stylish design that will surely catch your attention.


It is a six-inch fan designed with maximum quietness. When you purchase it, you’ll see its rated ultra-quiet meaning it does not make much noise like an air conditioner. Moreover, you can use it even in the stealthiest grow tents with no worries.


Another thing that makes this fan compete with its peers is its ten-year warranty. It’s actually unparalleled in hydroponics tent fans. On top of that, the fan comes with patented mixed-flow dual impellers. Furthermore, it uses a powerful motor that features double insulated walls. The fan utilizes sophisticated resistant polycarbonate casings; therefore, no degradation can occur on some of its metal components. One thing you’ll miss out in this fan is the ducting and charcoal filter. The following are some of its pros and cons.

Final Verdict

5. ipower 6” Inline Fan

It is an impressive and best grow tent fan for hydroponics thanks to the sophisticated technology equipped within. Moreover, it is one of the grow tent fans for hydroponics that offers an all in one package. That means it includes everything you need to set up the fan inside your grow tent or grow cabinet right away.

The fan is made from quality UL components that ensure every operation is quiet. On top of that, it features a center hub and fan blades that also reduce vibration and noise. Another feature that contributes to the quiet operation is that its bearings are permanently lubricated.

It features one of the best absorbent carbon filters which is Australia charcoal filter. On the filter, you’ll also get uninsulated aluminum ducting, two stainless clamps, and a free pre-filter.

The fan allows you to control the conditions in the grow tent by providing you with a control switch for three settings of variable speed, that is HIGH, LOW, MED, and OFF. With its one-year warranty, you can use the fan both for commercial use and home use.

The fan is fluted on both sides; thus, it can receive ducting. Nonetheless, by being fluted on both sides boosts the air flow particularly in areas where long runs of ducting is a must-have requirement.

Final Verdict

6. Tjernlund M-6 fan

It is a well-known brand in the hydroponics and grow tents world. Since the 1930s, the brand continues to produce top of the line quality grow tent fan for mid-sized and small-sized grow operations, and this Tjernlund M-6 fan is one of the favorites.


The brand offers several sizes ranging from 4″ to 10″; however, for this case, we’ll focus on the 6″ fan. One feature that makes this fan to compete with its peers is that it produces an air blow of 460 CFM. Powerful, right?


Additionally, the fan comes with controls that allow you to control the speed of the fan to meet your plants’ requirements. There is an exhaust vent that ensures the unwanted heat or high moisture conditions is blown away; therefore, keeping the air inside your grow tent cool at all times.


If you are concerned about saving on power, then it is the perfect fan for you as it uses very little power and still works efficiently. It comes with all the hardware you need as well as mounting brackets, making it easy for you to set it up. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages you get from using this fan

Final Verdict

7. CAN Fan Pro Series 6”

We are used to this brand producing the best grow tent fan for hydroponics in the market. The brand always surprises growers as they always manage to outdo themselves every time they produce a new model. That’s been evident in this pro series.

This 6” pro series CAN pro model can prop up on its own and can work as a standalone. Moreover, you can mount it with any of your existing ductwork to help increase the airflow. The design used on its body blends perfectly with the surrounding. It produces a gentle breeze that won’t harm pots and planters; thus, making it a safe fan to use.

It produces high-velocity airflow of 420 CFM that effectively ventilate the indoor areas and move the air well inside the grow tent. Hence, it keeps the environment inside your grow tent free from excessive warmth. On top of that, it is an efficient fan as it takes a short time to clear the excessive heat in your grow room; hence, saves you energy and time. When it comes to grow tent fans, nothing beats the energy and time-efficient fan. 

Final Verdict

8. VIVOSUN 390 CFM 6” Tent Fan

In terms of less power consumption, less noiselessness, and inaudibility, this VIVOSUN 390 CFM tent fan is at the top of the choices.

If you are on the search for the best grow tent fan for hydroponics that is not only functional but also stylish, then this is the fan for you. It features several unique features that are suitable for any hydroponic system or grow room.

In terms of maintenance, the brand makes it easy for you by offering you with removable duct ends. The fan is capable of cooling up the air as high as 45-degree Celsius. Moreover, the balanced blades and lubricated motor ensures there is fresh air all the time inside your grow tent.

Final Verdict

9. Hurricane inline fan 1060 CFM

It is considered as the best tent fan for commercial use. The fan is made from high-quality materials making it long-lasting and durable. Furthermore, all its powder coated finishing, stainless steel casing and powder coated finishing are of high quality.

Within minutes, you’ll be done installing and mounting the brackets and start your operations. The UL components used are designed in such a way they give low noise. The fan comes with a power cord of 8 ft 120 volts. Nonetheless, it comes with a 90-degree oscillation; hence, you get maximum air-blow.

Final Verdict

What to consider when purchasing a tent fan for hydroponics?


1. The grow area size

Before even thinking about which tent fan you are going to purchase, first know the size of the grow area. It is essential since the tent fans have different rates of air circulation. You want optimal circulation of fresh air; therefore, know the size of your grow area before getting your tent fun. Fortunately, there is a formula you can use to determine the size. That is by multiplying the width of the room by its length, height, and 1.25. With that formula, you’ll know the ideal tent fan for you.


2. The heat of the grow lights

Grow lights used in grow tents also vary in the amount of heat they generate. Therefore, it is vital for you to determine the kind of grow light you are using and heat they generate and see which type of tent fan it corresponds to. For instance, if you are using HID lights, then you’ll need a powerful tent fan since HID grow lights heat up the place quickly.


3. The diameter of the fan

You’ve probably noticed that the best grow tent fans for hydroponics and grow tent come in various sizes. This makes it hard to choose the right diameter. The diameter of most tent fans falls between 4″ and 16″. The safe bet is one measuring 6″ in diameter. The size accommodates most of the indoor setup. If the size doesn’t work for you, consider getting a converter.


Why you need a grow tent fan?

No matter how much-sophisticated equipment you have inside your grow tent, without the best grow tent fan for hydroponics, the whole operation can easily crumble down, and your plants won’t grow well.

Tent fans stabilize the environment inside the grow tent by removing the excess carbon dioxide, which usually accumulates in a room filled up with plants. On top of that, the tent fan significantly reduces unnecessary heat or even fires caused by the numerous grow lights found in a grow tent.



By having one of these best grow tent fans for hydroponics, you are assured your plants will always take in the fresh air. Additionally, they’ll help you expel pungent smell and unnecessary heat. Whether, your grow tent is small, medium or large, one of these grow tent fans will serve you well.

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