Best Small, Medium & Large Grow Tents For Growing Indoors

Best Small Grow Tent

Oshion 4x2x5

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Reflective Design
  • Budget Price

Best Medium Grow Tent

Suncoo 4x4x6,5

  • Ventilation Canal
  • Quality Materials
  • Multiple plants

Best Large Grow Tent

GGT59 5x9x6

  • Huge Area
  • Peak Window
  • Quality Tent

Are you looking forward to having an ideal indoor growing environment for your cannabis? You’ve probably visited several shops and websites trying to get the best grow tent. Of course, there are several grow tents available in the market, which makes it pretty challenging to get a suitable tent among so many chaffs.

Apart from selecting the perfect grow tent being a challenge; setting up the conditions or environment for cannabis to grow is also difficult.

The first thing to consider when setting up the conditions is that the plant grows like a weed; therefore, the growing process is fast.

Thus, the goal here is to mimic natural sunlight and have it indoors. All these still trickles down to a perfect grow tent.

So, what is a grow tent?

A grow tent is an enclosed self-surviving system. In a layman’s language, a self-surviving system is one in which allows you to control environmental factors such as light, humidity, and temperature when growing cannabis or any other plant inside your house.

These grow tents not only allow you to control environmental factors but also will enable you to have privacy. That is, you can have your grow tent inside your bedroom if you don’t want anyone to see or prevent the smell from spreading everywhere.

Since we know you are a busy person, we will start right away to dig deep into grow tents so that you have enough information about the top best grow tents, why you should use a grow tent, and how to choose the right one in the market.

Top 10 Best Grow Tents

Grow tents come in three main categories. This category is based on the size of the grow tent. We have small grow tents, medium grow tents, and large size grow tents

CategoryGrow Tent NameGrow Tent Size [inches]Price
Small Grow TentsCoolgrows24 x 24 x 48Check Price
Oshion24 x 24 x 48Check Price
Apollo36 x 36 x 72Check Price
Gorilla LTGGT2224 x 30 x 68Check Price
Medium Grow TentsIpower48 x 24 x 60Check Price
Apollo48 x 48 x 80Check Price
Suncoo48 x 48 x 78Check Price
Large Grow TentsVivosun60 x 60 x 80Check Price
Vivosun96 x 48 x 80Check Price
Gorilla GGT5960 x 108 x 72Check Price

The small grow tents usually have a dimension of 2*2 feet, the medium grow tents have dimensions of 3*3 feet, and the large grow tents have dimensions of 4*4 feet.

Let’s start off with the best small grow tents

Best Small Grow Tent Review

1. CoolGrows 2x2x4 feet small indoor mylar hydroponics grow tent review

Built for a grow area of 2x2x4 feet, CoolGrows is a small indoor mylar hydroponics grow tent. It is one of the affordable options under the small grow tents section. 

CoolGrows also manufactures large grow tents but for now we will focus on on their smallest model which has dimensions 24″X24″ X48″.

If you are looking for a small and affordable option, then this is the right grow tent for you. Its cheap price does not compromise on its quality as it’s fabricated with 600D heavy duty material. 

The material is tear-proof and highly durable. Furthermore, the connectors and bars are made from metal, which makes it even more durable.

The 99% reflective mylar lining does an excellent job in magnifying the power and blocking light from escaping outside the grow tent. 

This small tent has also proved to provide your plants with fresh air from its ventilation system. 

Additionally, it creates an ideal environment that protects your plants from pests.

  • Durability: It is a heavy duty 600D tent that features metal connectors and metal bars that make it super durable.
  • Enough light and power: It features a great reflective interior that magnifies the power of your grow light. Moreover, it is light-proof; hence it prevents light from escaping out of the tent.
  • Has a viewing window: Thanks to the viewing window, you can view your cannabis grow without allowing white light to pass get in.
  • The zipping and unzipping is a bit problematic.

Recommended for

The tent is easy to clean as it features a removable mylar spill tray that eases things up when it comes to cleaning. Due to its small size, it makes it ideal for indoor gardens. 

Moreover, it is the best grow tent for beginners who are looking forward to growing cannabis or other plants without spending too much money.


Material Quality
Value for Money

2. Oshion 4x2x5 feet small indoor mylar hydroponics grow tent review

Oshion is also not left behind in the small grow tent category. This model offers you a reliable option, and excellent features for a small grow tent. Let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons.

From a distance, you may think Valuebox crafted the tent. It’s because it’s sturdy and does a remarkable job at keeping light in the tent thanks to its reflective mylar lining, which also magnifies its power. 

However, one thing that makes this Oshion small grow tent model stand out is that it has a similar appearance to a wardrobe. Funny, right? Well, it’s resemblance to a wardrobe is beneficial; it protects your privacy. Nonetheless, it has no leaks, and it is entirely black, meaning nobody will have an idea of what you’re growing. 

  • Sturdy: The metal construction and 600D heavy-duty construction makes it highly durable.
  • Light efficiency: The heavy-duty material used on its canvas prevents light from escaping; thus, makes your plant thrive well.
  • Easy assembly: With less than 20 minutes, your tent will be up and ready for use.
  • The zippers leave some space after closing them; hence, unwanted white light may pass through and get inside the tent.

Recommended for

The removable mylar spill tray makes it easy for you to clean. The tent also features a proper ventilation system that provides your plants with healthy and fresh air, so that they can grow healthy and fast. 

Also, thanks to its super-sturdy construction as well as metal construction, pollutants and pets cannot gain access to your tent and damage your plants.


Material Quality
Value for Money

3. Apollo Horticulture 36"X36" X72 mylar hydroponic grow tent

Here is yet another small grow tent, and this one is fabricated by Apollo horticulture. It’s dimensions, 36″X36″ X72, makes it perfect for someone looking forward to growing just a few cannabis plants. It’s the most expensive in the small size grow tent category, but it is truly worth every penny.

Yes, other options are cheaper compared to this model, but those options offer you 99% reflectiveness, while this model offers you 100% reflectiveness. The one percent difference may seem small, but it surely makes a significant difference, particularly when it comes to the growth of your plants.

  • Quick assembly: The manual inside the package is easy to follow making it easy to assemble all the equipment.
  • A serene environment for cannabis: The tent allows you to control any conditions you wish. It ensures inside the tent there are optimal conditions for your cannabis to thrive healthy and faster
  • Light-proof: It allows you to make the most out of your grow light as it is 100% light-proof all thanks to its reflective mylar lining. Thus, your plants grow stronger and faster.
  • Its price is a bit high

Recommended for

Pests and pollutants cannot find their way inside the tent as it is sturdy and highly durable. Moreover, it creates a perfect environment and condition for your cannabis to grow healthy and fast. 

On top of that, the tent does a remarkable job of keeping the optimal room temperature that supports the healthy and robust growth of your plants. 

Its heavy-duty zippers are smooth, which is a great advantage when closing and opening the tent. Moreover, it prevents light from outside from getting inside the tent.


Material Quality
Value for Money

4. Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT22 Review

The mylar lining of this Gorilla small size grow tent is diamond in shape and it aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it does a remarkable job of reflecting light better. This is beneficial to the growth of your plants. 

It closes the small size grow tent category and does that in style. It’s one of the favorites among many growers despite its high price, mainly because of the excellent features it offers. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this premium small size grow tent.


  • Excellent reflectiveness: The diamond-shaped mylar lining offers you with reflectiveness at its best.
  • Optimal growing environment: The tent offers optimum growing conditions for your plants to grow.
  • Highly sturdy and durable: It is one benefit that stands out with Gorilla tents; highly durable and super sturdy.
  • The openings of the tent are a bit too big than expected.

Recommended for

Light leaks in this tent rarely occur, but if they do all you need to do is to add a patch, and you will be done. It is also a highly-durable tent.

It is a premium option under the small size grow tents, and its features support this. When compared with its peers, Gorilla grow tent is more durable and studier. 

That’s not enough as it’s made up from a material that is heavy-duty. This comes with several advantages such as protecting your plants from the outside environment (pets and pollutants) and creating ideal conditions for your cannabis to thrive.


Material Quality
Value for Money

Best Medium Grow Tents Review

5. IPower 48"x24"x60" hydroponic water-resistant grow tent Review

Now let’s move on to the medium size grow tents with this iPower model opening the category. Logically, they are big than small size grow tents and provide you with more space than the small tent to grow even more cannabis plants.

It is a pretty good option for a medium size option, and the price will also not leave you with dents in the pocket. What makes this iPower medium size grow tent stand out is its removable floor tray that makes clean-up very easy to perform and consumes less of your time.

Another remarkable feature of this grow tent is preventing light generated by the grow lights from escaping out. The tent ensures you get most out of your grow light as it uses its reflective interior material to reflect light efficiently; thus your plants get 100% of light.

The tent is very sturdy, which guarantees you that it will serve you for several years and will always protect your plants. 

It uses an excellent ventilation system, which ensures there is a constant supply of fresh air and no buildup of heat inside the tent. 

Adjusting the height of the grow tent is a bit complex, meaning you’ll always need a helping hand when you want to adjust the height of the tent.

  • No light leaks: The tent ensures your plants get 100% of light. Moreover, the reflective interior surface ensures you get the most out of your grow light.
  • Easy to clean up: The removable floor tray eases things up for you when it comes to cleaning, particularly the accidental spills.
  • Ideal environmental conditions: It maintains optimal temperature to ensure the necessary environment condition is met for the growth of your cannabis plants.
  • Difficult to adjust the height of the tent. You’ll probably need someone else to help you out.

Recommended for

If you are looking for a tent to plant only cannabis, then this is your ideal tent. It’s because it repels and pollutants from getting inside and damaging your cannabis. Nonetheless, it prevents odors from getting out of the tent; hence, your privacy is maintained.


Material Quality
Value for Money

6. Apollo Horticulture 48"X48" X80" mylar hydroponic grow tent Review

You already checked out the smaller version and what it is capable of. If you are ready to take things to the next level, then you need a bigger version. This 48″X48″ X80″ Apollo Horticulture model can be your ideal medium size grow tent. Read on to see what pros and cons you get from this tent.

When it comes to fabricating grow tent, Apollo horticulture does a remarkable job, that’s why they make it again to the medium size grow tent. 

The heat from your grow lights is also maintained inside the tent. Therefore, the room temperature is maintained in an optimal measure. Pests and pollutants are also kept at bay thanks to the sturdiness of the canvas material. Assembling the tent is a bit complex; therefore, you may need a helping hand when assembling the parts of the tent.


  • Zero light leaks: The canvas is thick enough; hence, no light leaks can occur.
  • Highly reflective: The interior material reflects most of the light from your grow
  • Heavy duty and super sturdy: It uses strong and sturdy material to ensure your plants are protected as well as creates a favorable condition for the growth of your cannabis plants.
  • Perfect ventilation: It uses mesh panels located at the bottom making ventilation optimal for your cannabis.
  • Assembling the tent is a bit complex

Recommended for

If you are looking for protection of your plants, then Apollo horticulture got you covered by their sturdy and highly-resistant zippers along with the heavy duty material that makes up the canvas. 

You are assured to 100% light efficiency as the highly reflective interior material increases the efficiency of your interior grow lights.


Material Quality
Value for Money

7. Suncoo 48”X48”X78” Grow Tent Review

It is yet another medium-sized grow tent that competes with its peers by being cheap without sacrificing its quality. Let’s look at what the tent has to offer by first checking out the advantages and disadvantages.

Despite being cheap than its peers, it uses heavy-duty material on its canvas; therefore, your cannabis plants are always protected. Moreover, the heavy-duty material ensures there is an ideal condition for your plants to flourish. 

Its interior reflective material offers 95% reflection, which is a bit lower than the usual 99% or 100%, but still is efficient to support the growth of your plants. Controlling the interior environment conditions is easy with this tent, as you can customize variables like humidity, light intensity, and temperature based on what your plants require.

The mesh windows allow you to supervise everything inside the grow tent without affecting your plants. The ventilation system ensures there is a constant flow of fresh air and no buildup of unnecessary heat.


  • Mesh windows: You can check the progress of your plants without getting inside the tent or opening it up.
  • Enhanced sturdiness and durability: It comes with heavy-duty zippers and highly durable canvas material.
  • Favorable environment condition: The tent allows you to control light, humidity, and temperature precisely.
  • Uses 600D mylar lining that offers 95% reflection, which is low than the expected 99% or 100% reflection.

Recommended for

If you are a beginner looking for a medium-sized grow tent and you are in a tight budget, then this Suncoo model is your perfect option.


Material Quality
Value for Money

Best Large Grow Tent Review

8. VIVOSUN Horticulture 60"X60" X80" grow tent

Welcome to the big boys’ club. The first large size grow tent to start the list is this model by VIVOSUN. Without saying much, let’s explore why it is considered a good option.

It tries to keep away light from outside getting in, but there are still some leaks that can be fixed with patches or duct tapes. The canvas is made up of sturdy and durable material ensuring your plants grow healthy and fast and are safe from pets and pollutants.

  • Easy to install: Within minutes, your tent will be up and ready for use.
  • Tear-proof and heavy-duty material on the canvas: By just touching the canvas, you can feel how durable and protective the tent is.
  • Tear-proof and heavy-duty material on the canvas: By just touching the canvas, you can feel how durable and protective the tent is.
  • Light leaks: Light from outside can find itself inside the tent

Recommended for

It is a super-big tent that allows you to increase the quantity of cannabis you are planting. On top of that, it is an affordable large size grow tent when compared to its peers in the market.


Material Quality
Value for Money

9. VIVOSUN 96”X48”80” mylar hydroponic grow tent

Here, is yet another proud model by VIVOSUN. Thanks to its robust and sturdy construction, it is a solid tent with very strong frames and a heavy-duty material, which is a guarantee it will last for a long time.

On top of that, it does a spending job at ensuring light from your grow light does not escape outside; therefore, your plants get the most out of your grow lights. The dual ventilation system provides the room conditions are maintained at an optimal state; thus, your cannabis achieve optimal growth and development.

The manual is easy to follow; hence, assembling the parts takes you less than 20 minutes to complete. One thing that needs improvement is the zippers as they are kind of weak.

  • Proper ventilation: It uses dual ventilation to ensure fresh air is inside the tent.
  • Easy to install: Even if you are a beginner, with the help of the manual you can set it up quickly.
  • Durable and robust: It uses sturdy frames and materials making it highly durable and robust.
  • The zippers are a bit poor.

Recommended for

It quite of a large tent. Meaning it will allow you to increase the quantity of your final harvest by accommodating a proper environment for multiple plants to grow from seed to flower. Additionally, it is yet another budget grow tent currently in the market, which is also why it made the list.


Material Quality
Value for Money

10. Gorilla Grow Tent GGT59 Review

The Gorilla GGT59 sums up the large size grow tents, as well as the top ten best, grow tents in the market. Let’s check what makes it stand out and what makes it fail as a large-sized grow tent.

Its construction is super-strong and features 100%-metal interlocking construction, which allows it to hand up to 300 pounds. It means you can hang many equipment without problems. It uses diamond reflection technology along with the heavy-duty material to ensure your plants have enough light to flourish.

It is a real beast in the grow tent sector, which allows you to grow cannabis or any other plant more than any other tent can offer. 

  • Diamond reflection technology: Your plants get the most out of your grow lights.
  • Adjustable to 7-inch and 11-inch-tall: Ideal if you want to grow other kinds of plants
  • Robust construction: Uses 100% metal interlocking material as well as a heavy-duty tent making it highly durable and sturdy.
  • It’s a bit expensive

Recommended for

If you are looking forward to hosting several plants, then this is the best grow tent for you.


Material Quality
Value for Money

Everything to know about grow tents

The benefits of applying a grow tent for growing indoors

1. Easy and quick to set up

Preparing your backyard garden will take you about two days to complete. The two days don’t even include the time of planting your cannabis. On the other hand, setting up a grow tent is super easy that even a rookie can complete within hours. All you need to do is follow the manual step-wise as you assemble each part. The assembling part is also easy.

2. Relatively cheap

Purchasing a grow tent will not leave your pocket with dents as the average price of grow tents is between $70 and $150. 

Setting up the conditions such as the addition of air vents, waterproof and light proof materials as well as the grow space is relatively cheap. 

Roughly with a budget between $180 and $200 you can have your grow tent fully functioning.

3. Perpetual harvest

When using a grow tent, you are sure to have a perpetual harvest. It’s because the grow tents have the capability of creating an ideal self-enclosed environment that allows you to manage a perpetual harvest separately. 

By separately managing a perpetual harvest, means you can separate your flowering and vegetative chamber with ease.

4. Stealth

A grow tent robust as light, and the smells cannot escape from the tent when it is set up correctly. 

Moreover, you can also tuck the grow tent in a big closet or at a corner without taking up too much space.

5. Designed to accommodate standard grow equipment

The design of the grow tent allows you to add the grow equipment such as grow lights, ports, and vents, or hook up your fan quickly. 

Additionally, a grow tent supports several growing situations, hence offering the plants an ideal environment to thrive.

6. Easy to clean, waterproof, and light proof

It is a common thing to find spills on the floor of your grow tent. No need to worry as the floor is waterproof; nonetheless, it is relatively easy to clean the walls and the floors, hence making it easy to maintain.

Moreover, the design of the grow tent is in such a way that light does not penetrate in and out of the tent. This helps with faster growth.

7. Smell-proof

The grow tent is designed in such a way that there is negative air pressure which is as a result of the closed up space. With this, there is the prevention of smells from leaking out from the tent. Moreover, the grow tents perfectly utilize the carbon filter, which also helps in preventing smells from leaking out.

8. Sophisticated airflow

The air ports, vents, and sealed nature of the grow tent are highly efficient. It’s because they allow you to set up a whirlwind inside the grow tent by installing a robust exhaust fan in any of the air ports. 

Through this, you’ll have a constant supply of fresh air circulating in the grow tent; therefore, replacing the stale air inside the grow tent in minutes. At the same time, plenty of carbon dioxide will be supplied to your plants. Nonetheless, the circulation of fresh air helps in preventing problems caused by heat buildup. 

9. Maximizes grow lights

The interior of a grow tent is made up of reflective walls. This enhances or maximizes light emitted from your grow lights as the walls will reflect the light more than what the grow lights would do by themselves.

Important things to consider when searching for the best grow tent for you

Despite the high number of grow tents available in the market, we’ve laid out the most crucial criteria to follow when selecting a grow tent. The considerations are as follows;

1. Price

It is the first obvious thing to consider when purchasing a grow tent. In all cases, it is not your wish to spend a fortune to own a grow tent. The price will vary based on the size and need of the tent. For that reason, we’ve provided you with a list of grow tents with different prices based on needs and size.

2. Size

Apart from the price of the grow tent, the size is another significant focal point to consider. There are several factors to consider such as the height of tent and plant choices. The right size will help you in making decisions when it comes to the operating expenses and supporting components.

For instance, if you purchase an oversize tent, you’ll probably have to pay more for the equipment as well as the energy required to power the lights and fan. On the other hand, a small tent may create a crowded and unhealthy environment for your plants. Moreover, a small tent cannot accommodate mature plants even after trellising and pruning.

Grow tents come in various sizes as well as shapes. Based on your needs, you can get a walk-in tent or a tabletop model tent. Others come with low or high adjustable height ceilings. So how do you choose? Your choice is based on what do you plan to do with the grow tent. For instance, if you want to cultivate seedlings, go for a low tent with adjustable lighting. Therefore, first have a plan, and you’ll know the best size for you.

3. Space

How much space are you willing to dedicate for the entire setup? When considering the space, you have to think of how much space are you willing to give for your grow tent and space to serve as a reservoir for the nutrient solution. For instance, if it is your wish to come up with an aquaponics culture set up, then you should have enough space to include a fish tank and piping for delivering water to and from your grow bed.

4. Brands

Believe it or not, most people will pick a particular grow tent based on the brand. It’s because the well-known and top brand are trusted as other buyers have proved their quality before you. We also got you covered here as we’ve featured top-end brands in the grow tent market in the above list.

5. Design

You probably going to use the tent for several grows; therefore, the design plays a crucial role in selecting the best grow tent. The best grow tent should have a simple design and accommodate adequate doors, spaces, and air ventilation systems that help in creating an ideal growing environment for the plants.

6. The durability of the canvas and construction

The canvas making up the grow tent should be thick enough as it indicates durability and solid construction of the tent. Furthermore, a thick canvas helps to maintain the required warmth inside the tent. Sheer fabric will easily rip leading to extra costs for maintenance or even replacement. 

7. The reflective property of the interior material

Lighting is an essential aspect to consider in an indoor garden. Therefore, go for a grow tent with a highly reflective interior material as it will enhance lighting inside the grow tent. The reflective property of the interior material will vary from one brand to another. However, choose one with a thicker canvas as it enhances the reflectiveness of the interior material.

8. Ventilation

Many growers think that since their plant is in a controlled environment, there is no need of proper ventilation. Well, that is wrong. For your plants to thrive well, proper ventilation is encouraged. 

Proper ventilation will not only help your plants acquire the gases they need but also help in aerating the interior environment as well as cooling the space in case it gets too hot.

9. Ducting ports and cord ports

It is very unusual to operate all the equipment while using a battery as a source of electricity. It is not very efficient. As such, you’ll require to run wires to the grow tent for electricity. 

Therefore, select a grow tent with enough ducting and cord ports to run the wires to the grow tent. Moreover, there should be some exhaust ports and ventilation ports to vent out hot airs.

10. Strength of the frame

In any construction, a general rule commonly applied is that the higher the structure, the stronger the base or foundation needs to be. In the case of a grow tent, the frame and the poles should be robust to ensure the base of your tent can withstand its weight. 

Due to that reason, select frames and poles made from strong materials such as steel for them to hold the equipment inside and the entire tent.

11. Strength of the zippers

Zippers are things that you will use on a daily basis as they allow you to gain entrance to your grow tent. 

The best zippers are the heavy-duty zippers as they can serve you long-term and prevent light from leaking out of the tent. A weak zipper will wear off quickly paving the way for holes on your grow tent. 

12. Height adjustability

The ability to change the height of your grow tent easily comes in as a must-have feature. A grow tent that allows you to change the height flexibly is one that enables you to raise their height by 1′ or 2′ through the addition of a height extension kit to the vertical poles of the grow tent. You’ll find this feature very useful particularly when your plants grow to higher heights than expected.

Other helpful considerations to consider when purchasing the best grow tent include viewing windows, net trellis, tool pockets, and even a food tray. If you land on a grow tent with these features and going for a reasonable price, then it’s worth considering.

Final Takeaway

There you have it; the best grow tents in the market. All are of high quality, different sizes, and of course, different prices. With this list and buying guide, you are assured of landing on the best grow tent that you’ve been looking for to grow your cannabis and other plants.

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