Best Hydroponic Systems of 2019

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Many urban gardeners are able to get the most of a hydroponic system for growing indoors. These systems not only allow you to set up in an unused space anywhere you can find it, but they also allow you to grow safely no matter the weather outside. Another bonus of the Best Hydroponic Systems of 2019 is that you will not need to have dirt or soil at all to get excellent crops. The best thing that comes to mind when using a hydroponic system is that you can get a faster yield with more products when you are growing plants like marijuana. The drawback is that you cannot just pick whatever you see in front of you as your hydroponic solution of choice. You need to ensure that you have the right one for what you are trying to grow.

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General Hydroponics

If you are serious about gardening you should look into General Hydroponics. There are many models out there that will allow you to have anywhere from eight to twelve buckets to grow many different types of plants like a vegetable garden. These same models mostly boast controllers that allow you to not worry about the conditions. They will keep the water levels exactly where you need them for your plants to thrive. With the right amount of water and nutrients being delivered, you will have the strongest and most beautiful plants imaginable. Many of these systems do not have pollinators though, so if you are growing flowering plants, this may not be the right type for you.

Aeroponic System

When you want to look at another type of system, you may come across and Aeroponic System. This is a machine that will grow your plants in the open air or a fogged mist without the use of soil. The great this about this is that the roots have an increased exposure to Oxygen (O2) which makes them healthier. This increased aeration allows for an increased supply of nutrients and oxygen being fed directly into the roots of the plant which stimulates growth and prevents pathogen formation on your plants. Many of these systems utilize a three-tier system that combines water and air. Each of the three separate zones allows for the root structures to have optimal growth. These misted sections will most commonly grow longer and stronger root structures. Within these systems, you will have a sprayer, fogger, mister or another device that creates a fine mist to deliver everything your plants need directly into the roots. These are most often a closed looped system that is reliable and continual. The nature of the internal systems allows you to set the nutrient requirements and ensure that your plants stay healthy and strong.

Many Aeroponic systems are compact and easy to use as well. They are commonly equipped with a low wattage LED bulb to ensure your plants can photosynthesis with ease and still be stored or used nearly anywhere you have a free flat surface. With the smaller units being perfect for your indoor herb garden, you can get into larger ones for more plants and better yields as well.

Deep-water culture system

Another excellent type of system is the deep-water culture system. These allow you to get exceptional yields of your crop without a lot of work. The basic kits are commonly very inexpensive, that are commonly utilizing a single 5-gallon pail with a basket lid attachment for your crop. With Air pumps attached to the system and a lot of other items that come with them, they allow you to easily see the water level in your system and ensure that you have proper flow and movement for optimal growth. This type of hydroponics is a special type where you grow plants with their roots immersed in an aerated nutrient solution. Cannabis is a great plant to grow in these systems as they have much easier access to oxygen and nutrients. This means they will be spending less of their precious energy trying to find these and allow them to in turn grow deeper and stronger roots. This means your plants will grow faster and bigger! With the right setup, certain strains of cannabis will see a growth of up to ten centimeters daily. The speed of the growth does not mean it will be ready any sooner though. It just means that you will still have to wait the normal time, but will have a lot more to harvest.

With this setup, you will not have a growing medium like soil, so you will have little to no risk of having insects or pests invading your plants. This means less maintenance and more growth for you. Another excellent thing about the deep water culture system is that it takes next to no time to set up. Commonly you can be fully up and running within one day and have your plants growing and getting ready for harvest time. Though many claim that this type of system is hard to use, it is not true what-so-ever. These systems are simple to use, but if you are a first-time grower of cannabis, you may want to use a different system to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Drip system

You can also use a drip system to grow your crops. These commonly have a pump or a pressurized water source that is run through filters and injected with nutrients. This is applied locally to the plants, to ensure minimal loss of your fertilizer and nutrients to your plants. Commonly utilized in fields, and does not need everything to be even or a regular shape. So it can be utilized in good climates outside for maximum growth. These systems allow you to irrigate your crop efficiently but come with a sizable overhead cost depending on the size of your field. You will get excellent growth and yield on your crop, but unlike the systems mentioned above, you need a media to grow the plants in like soil.

EBB & flow systems

Finally, if you look at ebb & flow systems you will find yet another excellent growth chance. These systems are commonly called flood and drain systems but have an intermediate level of difficulty to use. They are extremely versatile and have a low setup cost. The best thing about this system is the ability to change the setup and volume of your plants quickly and easily. Need more plants, no problem, just add another tank and get it all ready to go. Have a set you want to phase out? Same thing, just phase it out when your crop is complete and you are golden. This system is set up with a shallow tray and a reservoir. They are connected with tubes and the reservoir will flood the tray and drain it out as well. It is important to ensure that the system is kept clean though so you do not underfeed or overexpose your plants. Without the proper cleaning of this system you will see algae growth which can lead to mold and possible insect infestations as well, so make sure if you choose this style you are on top of the cleaning.


So all said, there are pros and cons for each type of system you want, and depending on your level of expertise, you can also ensure you are picking the one right for you. So no matter if you choose an aeroponic system, a deep water culture system, a drip system or ebb & flow systems you now know how to ensure you pick the best one for your needs.

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