Best Weed Grinders – Top Picks & Buying Guide 2019

Many consumers in the world of marijuana find it challenging to buy the best quality weed grinder. This article will help in shortlisting some of the best weed grinders of 2019 and which would prove to be the best product for grinding your weed. A grinder can be thought of a tool to decimate your cannabis into smaller bits so that it can become easy for rolling up joints or for hitting bowls.

Why use a weed grinder?

Well, the answer is quite simple if someone wants to avoid dirtying his/her hands then investing in a weed grinder is a wise choice. Furthermore, weed grinder will also speed up the process of grinding your weed without putting in that much effort. Although there are many ways to grind ones weed, one of those mostly practiced is using the bare hands which is very hectic and lethargic.

Therefore, to avoid all of that trouble weed grinder should be used. Weed grinder also helps in preserving your herb. Pulling the herb apart by using hands, pollen may stick to one’s fingers which in turn would reduce the potency of the weed whereas when using a grinder, the direct contact to the herb is minimal and the potency is retained. Not just this but grinder can also act as a container for small amounts of stash.

Most people also like to collect the kief, which is possible when you are using a weed grinder as you grind your bud you can collect the kief as well. Besides one would be able to preserve the aroma and taste of the marijuana strain.

What to look for in a weed grinder?

The most prominent part of a weed grinder is its teeth. As mentioned earlier the more of the number teeth will result in the most efficient grinding. Therefore, when buying a grinder one has to look at the number of teeth as this is the part of the grinder which is responsible for actual grinding. The ideal number of teeth suggested in a grinder is 50 with a diameter of 2.5 inches.

Make sure that you buy a grinder that has diamond shaped teeth. As the shape helps in grinding the herb into minute bits which in result will be a lot smoother.
Keep in mind that the teeth are placed evenly for continuous grinding.

How to use a weed grinder?

Most people buy the grinders but are unable to use them properly. They sometimes damage the grinder which affects the grinder’s performance gravely. Hence the usage and maintenance of a grinder are of utmost importance.

So let’s look at the steps to best use your grinder:

  • Put in the buds in between of the grinder’s teeth by breaking the buds manually try not to put any piece in the centre of the grinder as nothing in the centre will grind.
  • After putting in the buds close the mouth of the grinder and give the grinder about 7-10 rotations so that the grinding can happen finely. After the grinding tap it along the sides so that the sticky parts let loose off the edge of the grinder.
  • Open the chamber with the teeth to find your freshly grounded herb.
  • If you are using a grinder with a metal mesh screen then make sure you scrape off the kief or the pollens collected so that it can be used later.

Hence, the above-mentioned steps will surely help in using your weed grinder profoundly.

Top 10 Weed Grinder Of 2019

Moving further, now that the working, selection, and usage of a grinder has been understood then one can move forward to buy a grinder of his/her choice. To help you with that, 10 best weed grinders of 2019 have already been shortlisted below. So that you can buy the best quality weed grinder!

1. Cali crusher 4-piece herb grinder

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This grinder is very quick and very consistent, breaks down the herb finely and in with great consistency making it one the topmost products. This model consists of 4 chambers made of aircraft-grade billet aluminum which provides a long-lasting functionality. The screen is also reliable as it is made of stainless steel. And the most critical of all the teeth are razor sharp for the best performance. This grinder is of 2 inches making it pretty portable.

2. Santa Cruz Shredder

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It has a unique tooth design which helps in grinding your herb to its finest which in turn makes the grounded weed very smooth. This fluffy weed is contained into a canister sealed with extra-strong magnets. This product comes in 10 different colors out of which black is most preferable.

3. Space case grinder sifter

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The most interesting feature of this model is its lightweight body. Also containing a screen made of stainless steel with a magnetic lid. A titanium finish look makes it very attractive and containing razor sharp teeth as well. One may find the price of this model a bit high but given the benefits, it is surely worth it.

4. Groove Grinder By AeroSpaced

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This grinder is bigger than most of the grinders that are usually sold in the market as it has a diameter of 2.5 inches and height scaling to 3.5 inches. This grinder is also powerful even though it is huge. Comprising a total of 49 diamond shaped-teeth that prove to be magnificent in terms of its performance. Not just that it also has a 100-micron mesh screen. A clear window helps you to see through the content that is inside. Talking of price it is slightly expensive as you will also get a pocket grinder with this product.

5. Platinum grinders herb container

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This is the grinder that can find space in your budget. But make no mistake that being cheap will lead to low performance as it has aircraft-grade aluminum assuring last long durability. It comes with diamond-shaped teeth and with a high-quality magnet lid. A scratch-resistant finish ensures that the grinder sustains its looks for a long time.

6. Golden gate grinders 4-piece anodized aluminum grinder

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The prime of the grinders is what this grinder should be called as it comes with high-quality performance and a strong yet light construction. A scratch-resistant anodized finish black body is the beauty of this grinder. This grinder has maximum-strength aircraft-grade aluminum making it lightweight and tough. The teeth are built up of diamond making it’s grinding unparalleled.
Comes with a tight seal ensuring the odor and freshness of the herb.

7. Kozo weed grinder

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The size of the Kozo is comparable to the size of your hand. Works great even if you have a large number of buds as it has 45 teeth which easily grinds the herb. A magnetically sealed cap ensures that there is no room for leakage. As it is a 4-piece grinder it has a mesh screen for collecting your kief.

8. Masterdam

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Another product that should be apt for your budget is the masterdam. It is made of hard aluminum giving it a very strong body as a result. It has diamond shaped teeth for smooth grinding. Therefore, for everyday use and an inexpensive one, this grinder should be considered.

9. Smart Crusher 2.5 inch 4-piece tobacco spice herb grinder

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This grinder is traditional in its functionality. The traditional grinders worked efficiently on seasoned herbs, tobacco, and weed. People still tend to opt for this type of design. It is made of zinc and CNC aluminium. The construction is quite durable and provides a long-lasting performance even after heavy usage. It has a pollen collection chamber as well. The screen for the collection of the pollens is of high quality and doesn’t fall off or break that easily. Furthermore, the cost is also low which attracts most of the buyers.

10. DCOU Weed Grinder

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Coming with a diameter of 2.5 inches the DCOU grinder is one of the best weed grinder within a low price range. Made up of anodized aluminum that contributes to its lightweight and long-lasting construction. The teeth are diamond shaped providing a very fine grinding experience. The best feature of this grinder is that its pollen chamber has a rounded circumference which doesn’t let any part to get stuck along the edges of the chamber.


These were the top and the best weed grinders of 2019. Make sure you go through them all thoroughly. If you don’t want your herb to get wasted then you must consider the above-mentioned grinders as they provide the best quality performance and a finely grounded weed. So why wait then? Go ahead and grab your weed grinder and roll up and enjoy!

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