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led grow light review

The BESTVA 600 is an excellent option for growers looking for a powerful LED full spectrum LED grow light. The bestva 600w led grow light does not produce light in the most energy efficient manner, but it does the job quite at its price range. 

The 3-year warranty has a plus of 30 days satisfaction if you do not like the light you can return it and receive your money. It is a very effective LED light with an impressive lifespan. Its price is reasonable taking into account the number of benefits it offers, however it may not be the best option for beginners.

Final Verdict
Actual watts125
Ideal area coverage [foot area]max. 2.5 x 2.5
Length, width, height12.2– 8.26– 2.36
Recommended height 12 inches

If you are completely lost in terms of what to look for when looking for led grow light, then why not start by checking out our guidelines. There are quite a few LEDs out there. Having a lot of options is not always a good thing. But if you have set your mind to picking Bestva 600w but you are still not sure if it is the one to go with, then stay tuned as we help you make the right decision.

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What comes with Bestva 600w?

The Bestva600w comes with the awesome package including the items you can see on the picture above. As you can see the package includes a full growing kit which means, you will have everything you need to get going, without extra tools. This includes:

  • 600 LED grow light
  • hanging cord
  • hanging kit
  • protection glasses

Pretty basic. You get what you pay for.

Features and build

Bestva 600w is a bloom-specialized little LED light fixture, nonetheless, a definite solution for your small-medium size grow area. Its compact size makes it easy to use both in a tent or in a grow box. Here are some other features of the LED-grow light:

Energy efficient LED lights

60pcs dual-chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs. It doubles the lifespan of most LED lights in the market and is very flexible and manageable due to its compact design as well as the 6 ft. power cord and a kit of high-quality hangers that enable mounting pretty much anywhere inside the house. It lacks a switch to go from veg mode to blossom mode, light works automatically for both stages.

Cooling fans

Every grower knows what too much heat does to your plants. Too much heat causes a bad environment for the plant to grow. One of the main reasons why LED grow lights got popular in the first place was because they didn’t heat up the growing room as HPS or HID bulbs. A fact that is also applicable for Bestva 600. Thanks to features like built-in cooling fans it can push hot air up. This way the heat gets diverted from the space surrounding the plants into a filter or ventilation system.

RED & Bloom Switch

With the red and bloom switch you can adjust the light output according to your plant needs! This means that the bestva 600w refloctor series uses electricity to output PAR-light according to plant life stage!

Light Spectrum/Par output

When it comes to growing, light is as important for plants as food is important for humans. Some type of light is particularly useful for growth for plants, just like some sort of food promotes a healthier growth in human. These light come in different colors and wavelengths measured in nanometers. Plants need a lot of blue light at the beginning of its life stage in order to grow up and tall and a lot of red light during its flowering stage in order to grow out and focus on producing reproductive parts that come in the form of fruits or buds (read more: how do plants react to red & blue light). With this fact being established, we can now review the light emitted by the Bestva 600w led grow light fixture in terms of its efficiency in accommodating and supporting plant growth.

The graph above gives us some useful information as to what sort of light spectrum the Bestva 600 led grow light covers. The fixture produces light mostly concentrated on the blue and red end of the spectrum as you can see at the graph above. This is good because plants need a well balanced of both red and blue light to thrive. Judging by the peak on the blue light and the red light, it is safe to say that the light efficiency is well-balanced accordingly to plants need in different life-stage. This means, that the light fixture emits allows you to activate a lot of red light for bloom stage. And a lot of Blue light for the veg stage. That way it doesn’t waste energy on producing too much blue light for the flowering stage, and vice versa.

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Area coverage/ PPFD

750 umol/m2/sec is a good baseline for PPFD value. PPFD is a unit of measure for the amount of PAR-light reaching a certain spot. Everything between 500-750 is acceptable as well. Everything below 500 means bad PAR-output. In practice, it simply means, that if PPFD values are below 500 at certain points, it means that that point of your plant is not reaching sufficient light.  If the PPFD value is above 750 at a certain point of your grow room (grow tent or grow box), it means that that point of plant canopy receives too intense light. Too intense much of this can burn leaves. Mostly light intensity is concentrated in the center. Which is also why a lot of more expensive grow lights use secondary lenses for better distribution.

Recommended height

Recommended height 12”!!! not 18!

To reach a value that is close to the optimal baseline of the 500-750 PPFD, you will need to adjust the light at 12” in the beginning. You may move it further to 18” once the seeds has sprouted and the plant enters the veg stage of life. The Bestva 600w does not cover a grow area bigger than 2.5 x 2.5. If the plant canopy is any larger, you may risk areas or leafs not getting enough light.

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