Cannabis history: Where does Marijuana come from?

The word marijuana comes from the Mexican term for “good feeling”. Marijuana commonly refers to the dried greenish-gray leaves of Cannabis Sativa which grows on the hemp plant

In this article, we will have a brief look at Cannabis history. By the end of the post, you will know where the great herb plant origins from and how it got discovered.

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According to most studies, the cannabis plant origins from central Asia, just a little south of Siberia and around China and Mongolia.  In the modern world, as we know it today, cannabis is mostly associated with a good high. Cannabis is can be used for much more than that. 

In fact, the hemp plant is also referred to as “the plant with many uses” and in the past, it had some fairly other useful purposes rather than just being a source for a good chill.

How hemp turned into Marijuana

Cannabis is one of the most ancient plants cultivated by mankind. Back in the days, around 8000 years before Christ was born, the Chinese were the first cultivators of the plant. 

First, they harvested the hemp plant. Which is the source of marijuana that we smoke today? The hemp was harvested because it contained a lot of important amino acids and other nutrients.

Later on, it was discovered that by breaking the stocks, it was possible to produce paper, fishing nets and around 5000 other products including textiles

Because of the rich cultivation of the herb plant, ancient China also went by the nickname, the land of hemp and mulberry. 

But since the harvest and processing of mulberry were much more demanding in contrast to the hemp, it was only the rich who could afford mulberry while the less fortunate ones wore hemp.

The Chinese named the hemp plant “Ma” or something like that. Literally translated, it means a plant with two forms, male and female. The Chinese kept to their knowledge about the features of hemp from the rest of the world up until about hemp until 15th century. It was first in the 18th century the hemp made its way around to Europe.

Today in Europe, the hemp plant is more commonly referred to as Cannabis, although professional textile manufacturers or other cultivating professionals, deliberately avoid calling it for cannabis, and instead refers to it as hemp to avoid any association with the stereotypical cannabis.

Canna means two

The word cannabis comes from the Babylonian word canna, meaning cane or stock. Bi is Latin for two, referring to two form or sexes of the plant. So it has a direct relation and the same meaning as the Chinese word for the plant.

The hemp plants different genders each have their own attributes. The male plant has strong fibers, making it a good material for clothing, textiles, and rope etc. The female plant has psychoactive substances which have been used for medicinal purposes, such as treating depression anxiety. Certain marijuana strains can help patients especially those suffering from cancer or aids, by relieving dizziness and nausea instantly, while also increasing the appetite.

Due to its medicinal benefits, doctors have been requesting legalization of marijuana with the purpose of the medicinal appliance for a long time. In the latest decade, they have progressed significantly with their missions, patients can now get a prescription for cannabis.

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