Cannabis plant: Male vs female

In this article, we will walk you through the different genders of the cannabis plant. We will talk about their attributes and explain to you which gender to grow when you are a cannabis user and a breeder.

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When hearing the word cannabis, you will most probably get an image of the leaf shape. A symbol which is famous worldwide and associated more common than not with cannabis. Ironically, the leaves are among one of the least potent parts of the marijuana plant, followed by the stem and the roots. The Cannabis plant is subdivided into six major parts, consisting of the Bud, Stem, Branches, Nodes, Leaves, and Main Cola.

Keeping in mind that our goal is to produce cannabis plants which will supply us with rich buds, it is now time to introduce the different genders of this plant. Cannabis has both male and female genders. Although like the ladyboys in Thailand, there is also a third version of these plants, they are called the hermaphrodite which is a mix of the male and female.
So where them big buds at? Let us start by looking at the male.

Male plant

Being a male myself, I find the male plant stupid; I don’t like it, and I am not attracted to it. But that is not the reason for why I wouldn’t go for the male plant. I mean sure, you can reach a high with the male plant too, it will get you there. But I wouldn’t grow it because the male plant has low amounts of THC. And it doesn’t taste or smell good.

Female plant

The female plant, on the other hand, plant or not, they are all complicated. But don’t worry I got you covered.
See the female plant has two versions of itself. She will act a certain way when she is pollinated, and another when she is not. Pollinated is plant term for pregnant, let us just leave it to that.

So when a female plant is pollinated, it still produces THC… But… it also produces seeds, and that is a problem because it stands in the way for the buds to be produced. And as mentioned before, it is all about the buds. That is where all the juice at.

Now hold on to your hat. A non-pollinated female plant, on the other hand, is gooood… It will give you exactly what you are looking for as a user, more flowering buds without seeds. We want buds, because they will produce resin, which also consists of THC, and they will be dripping all over the leaves, making even the leaves more potent. And once she is fully mature, she will most likely produce a very pleasing high, but of course, it will be all depending on few things, such as: grow method, the strain of plant, and harvest time.


Despite the fact that male plants are low on THC, they are still smokeable and will get you high, but they are considered inferior compared to the female plant.

The pollinated female plant does have higher amounts of THC, but it will produce seeds. It is still a good smoke but is vastly inferior to a non-pollinated female plant (sinsemilla).

If you are a cannabis user, it should be your goal to grow a non-pollinated female plant so that you can get the biggest buds and the best possible high out of your hard work. However, if you are a cannabis breeder, your goal will most probably be to breed high-quality seeds and plants, how you can achieve that, you can read about it in this article: article name and link

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