ColoFocus 600 watt: Full Spectrum Grow Light Review

Actual watts120
Ideal area coverage [foot area]max. 3.5 x 4
Length, width, height12.2 – 8.3 – 2.8
Recommended height 20 inches

This is an excellent light with UV&IR for indoor growing areas. It provides full spectrum and has many relevant features that help preserve the health of your plants. This energy saving light has a very long lifespan, meaning that it will be a great investment for both: beginners and experts in indoor growing.  Every kit has 2 fans which serve as overheat protection and

keep the lights working for way longer. It does not have a switch to go from veg mode to bloom mode.

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The good 

  • Its UV function has sterilizing properties that kill bacteria and helps plants grow healthy flowers.
  • Its IR function improves growth in all stages.
  • Consumes about 120w power, saving a lot of energy while being as bright as possible.
  • Impressively powerful, each one of its EPIstar LEDs chips is 5W which is much brighter than standard 3W featured in other lights of the same category. Even though the recommended height is 20 inches, it works well up to 24 inches.

The Bad

  • Fans are noisy. They are not too loud but they can be annoying if you sleep near your inside growing area.
  • Very low-quality hangers, you will need to acquire others of a better quality.
  • If you put it closer than 6 inches to your plants, it is very likely to burn them.


Recommended for

The Colofocus 600 watts is quite affordable at $97 which is a great price considering the dimensions and how much area it covers. This light does not have any kind of warranty but it is a long-lasting and durable option for inside growers. It’s a great option for people with medium size greenhouses due to its light emission and it’s quite compact so it can be mounted perfectly in limited spaces. As most of its light is red light, it is better for the flowering stage of the plant.

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