G8LED 450w LED Grow Light Review

Actual watts270w
Ideal area coverage [foot area]veg and bloom 4 x 3
Length, width, height17.5 – 11 – 3
Recommended height 15 inches

The G8LED 450W are a couple of high-quality products for indoor growing. They come in two different presentations, one specifically designed for the blooming process and the other one for the vegetative stage. Both products are made according to the highest production standards of the industry, so it will depend on your requirements which one to choose or if these are actually the best option for the type/size of indoor greenhouse you have.

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The Good / Pros

  • G8LEDs are probably the best option in the market for a meticulous and specialized care of an indoor growing.
  • Excellent option for all kinds of plants, no matter the size or how heavy they are when they grow up, this light will provide enough support during their entire lifetime.
  • Very easy on electric bills. Along with some timers on your outlets, you’ll be able to keep your bill lower.
  • Well-built design with a reliable structure that guarantees high-quality lighting.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Although it may be a waste for very small growing areas, these lights are perfect for all sizes of greenhouses.

The Bad / Cons

  • With many other options in the market that allow switching from vegetative to blooming/flowering mode, it can be a drawback having a light that only succeeds at one purpose.
  • If you don’t use LED grow room glasses you are most likely to feel your eyes are burning after some time working on your plants.
  • These lights may require service at random times, especially when they are not supplied by the voltage specified.


Would we recommend this light?

G8LEDs, in general, are optimal products with top quality technology that have been awarded worldwide due to their performance as indoor lights. They may seem expensive but it is an excellent option for people looking forward to take that step from beginner to passionate/pro.

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