What Can You Use Male Cannabis For?

Cannabis is a dioecious species of plants having both independent male and female sexes. 

Although there are hermaphrodite cannabis plants present as well, most plants tend to orient towards male or female identity by developing special organs. 

Most cannabis growers are inclined to only keep the female plants in their garden and remove the male plants. 

The main reason behind this is that female plants are primarily suitable for the purpose of medicine or recreation as they produce coveted buds. 

These are useful in creating medicines while the greater percentage of THC resins present as compared to the male plants provide for recreational use. 

The male plants are not commonly used for recreational purposes, which has to a greater extent tainted their reputation among the growers.

The male plants tend to reduce the cultivation of the female plants by inducing fertilization through pollination, which is not usually desired by indoor growers. 

The process of fertilization can shift the focus of the female plants towards producing seeds instead of THC and thus affecting the cultivation. 

However, there are always different ways of looking at things and analyzing their importance. Male plants themselves have various benefits of their own that can come handy for some growers, if not for all. 

A better understanding of the benefits of male cannabis plants will not only help you obtain high-quality seeds but also save money and get better cultivation with other plants i.e. vegetables, fruits, etc. in your garden as well.

We have already covered how to differentiate between male and female. In this article, we will discuss the different uses and benefits of male cannabis plants.



It is the single most important of the male cannabis plants as they are necessary for the breeding purposes of the cannabis plants. Male plants fertilize with the female cannabis plants to produce seeds that are required for future cultivation. 

The male plants contribute as much in the breeding process as the female plants, which means that they can come handy in modifying the genetic makeup as well. Using advanced and careful breeding techniques, you will be able to produce special strains and buds that will provide better yield, taste better and sustain longer.

The way of carrying out the selective breeding process is by studying the behavior of the cannabis plants in your garden. There will be those cannabis plants that have many positive traits while there will also be those that have undesirable traits. 

The ones having undesirable traits will not only affect the quality of the current yield but also the next generations of the seeds to come. Therefore, these plants should be removed and replaced with those having positive traits. 

Some of the ways of judging the traits of cannabis plants include their maturing period, the appearance of the stem, the nature of the flowers on the male plants, the odor of the male plants and their resistance to pests and mold.



How to make breeding decisions based on the plant’s traits?

The plants should have an appropriate maturing period. If the plants are maturing too quickly or too slow, it is a sign of low-quality genetic makeup. These plants are more likely to produce hermaphrodites instead of separate male and female cannabis plants. 

The male plants that grow taller as compared to the others are more suitable for producing fibers. These plants can be separated in order to have seeds for producing better quality fiber cannabis plants.

The plants with large and hollow stems (having less spongy white tissue) will provide better quality yield in terms of the THC content as compared those having stems with greater pith. The selective breeding can be carried out by removing the pithy stem plants and keeping those having hollow stems. This will help obtain high-quality yield for medical and recreational purposes. 

The male plants usually have fewer flowers and leaves as compared to the female plants but there are also those having dense and bushy flowers. These male plants will produce high-quality seeds since they have better genetic makeup. They can be separated for carrying out breeding with female flowers.

The male cannabis plants have an aroma that can help keep the insects and pests away from the garden. However, the odor of all the male plants is not identical and it may vary depending upon their quality. Therefore, those male plants having better odor should be separated for breeding with the female plants.

The selective breeding of the male plants having positive traits in a controlled environment will provide you seeds for future cultivation purposes.


Hemp Fiber

The male plants are taller and flexible as compared to the female plants. While this trait may not be desirable for producing cannabis for medical or recreational use, it is well regarded for producing good quality hemp fiber. It may appear as if the hemp fiber is not popular at current times, but our ancestors made use of this particular attribute of the plants a lot more than we do today.  

The fiber material of the male cannabis plants is soft as compared to that of the female cannabis plants. The thin and soft fibers obtained from male cannabis plants help in making high-quality clothes in the textile industry. The common uses of the male cannabis plants hemp fiber include the weaving of bed linens, household clothing items, tablecloths, etc. The female cannabis plants, on the other hand, produce rough and less flexible fiber that is more suited for the rough textile product.

In case you need to grow high-quality fiber for textile work, you may need a garden of male plants. This is mostly not the motivation of the majority of the indoor growers but having a greater quantity of these fibers can help you earn money in the market as well.


Concentration Production and Recreational Use

It is commonly believed that male cannabis plants cannot be used for recreational purposes as they do not contain high levels of THC. This is, however, far from the reality since the male plants also produce THC content, though less as compared to the female plants. 

What this means is that the male plants can also be used for accruing the benefits of the THC content. The most significant of these benefits for most people would be inducing psychoactive effects. The THC is concentrated in the stems, leaves, sacs, and flowers of the male plants. 

The component of THC in the buds is less in male plants than those of the female plants. However, the flowers of the male plants have a greater concentration of the THC component.

Similarly, the male plants have a higher concentration of the THC component during the vegetation stages of the plant lifecycle in comparison to the female plants. 

The female plants tend to produce more THC component in the later stages of the plant lifecycle since the process of THC production in male is inhibited by their lifespan and pollination.

Thus, what we have learned is that the male plants contain a proportion of the resin as well that the growers can use for psychoactive properties, and creating concentrates, BHO wax, oil, dabs, etc.


Garden Enhancement

The male cannabis plants have an aromatic terpene with them that helps keep the pests away and provide for natural resistance. 

This helps produce higher quality and greater yield by reducing the threat of an outside attack. The male cannabis plants are also known to be helpful companions in the garden having other kinds of plants as well. 

When the male cannabis plants are strategically placed in a garden in such a way that they cover all areas, their aroma will keep the pests from entering into the garden. This will produce for natural resistance to the pests ensuring that all plants are protected.

On the other hand, when the chemical pesticides are used for the purpose, they may damage the plants themselves and cost much more as compared to a few male cannabis plants. 

However, you can keep them away from the female plants as well in case you are growing cannabis only for high-quality THC content.


Cannabis Juice

The male cannabis plants are equally useful as their female counterparts when it comes to obtaining nutritious juices such as THCA and CBDA. 

These juices contain cannabinoid substance that provides for various effects of marijuana without inducing psychoactive effects. 

The male plants have the same cannabinoids as the female plants through their concentration may be lower in the former. 

You can easily extra them from the male cannabis plants and use in the form of delicious juices or tea. These do not induce similar effects as smoking the cannabis plants while providing a healthy and rejuvenating experience for the users.



Male cannabis plants have many uses than traditionally believed and the growers can use them more effectively than getting rid of them altogether. It is true that male cannabis plants don’t have the same concentration of THC component as female plants. 

Similarly, the process of fertilization induced by pollution from male plants can also affect the yield of female plants. However, male plants have their own benefits and growers can employ better mechanisms to make use of them. 

The high-quality male plants can come handy for selective breeding to obtain a better yield. Similarly, tall and soft fibers from male cannabis plants are also popular in the textile industry. 

You can save money and obtain better yield by using these male plants in your garden. Their aroma will keep the pests away from the growing area. 

Similarly, the nutritious juices obtained from male plants can provide for a better alternative to smoking cannabis.

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