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The Meizhi led grow lights are very decent especially when you consider the price. Ranging between $78 for the 300w and $310 for the 1200w model, we believe this is as cheap it can get when it comes to quality lights. 

The Models have an integrated switch, and a series of other secondary features. Only drawback is that the 300w light does not provide sufficient PPFD values. It is just below the baseline of 500 umols/m2/sec.  But for the price you cannot really ask for much more.

Final Verdict

Meizhi Reflector Series: 300W, 450w, 600w, 900w & 1200w grow light review

Looking for the best cheap grow light that has the correct spectrum to support plant growth indoors? Meizhi have produced a series of grow lights that fits those criterias. Their reflector series consist of 5 different models and you might find just what you are looking for in one of them. So stay tuned as we review these LED grow light models. In the following we are going to have an in depth look at some of their most important features to help you make an informed dicision and help you on your way to finding the best led grow light for your particular need.

Models available

Meizhi grow lights have various options available, including the Reflector 300w, 450w, 600w, 900w and 1200. You can use the table below to get an overview of each individual units specification. The table gathers each of these models and compares them with each other in terms of grow light efficiency. 



Model NameLED amountMax. Power DrawHPS-ReplacementPrice
300w60135w300Check Price
450w90195w450Check Price
600w120277w600Check Price
900w180420900Check Price
1200w2405681200Check Price

As you can see in the table above, Meizhi Reflector Series consist of 5 LED grow light models. The units within the serie get their unique name based on the total amount of LED diodes that are connected to the panel. For example the 300w has 60x5w diodes, thats why its called 300w.Each unit increase in price as they increase in size and wattage. Furthermore the models also differ when it comes to:

  • Number of 5w Epistar LEDs attached to the panel
  • Actual wattage draw
  • Coverage Size
  • Panel Dimensions

The differences makes each grow light best suitable for unique grower needs. So when you want to pick the right one you need to make a list of your need, including the size of your grow area, budget etc. Read more about how to pick a grow light in our buying guide. 

In the following we will review the grow lights within the Meizhi Reflector Series in terms of design quality, energy usage, light spectrum, heat reduction, warranty, and secondary features.



Design Quality

Meizhi Reflector LEDs are made out of ETL safety certified and Eco-friendly products. The outer shell of the led panels are made of light weight aliminum that surrounds the unit. The outer shell is integrated with holes and gaps that contributes to dissapting excessive heat. So the Meizhi led grow lights outer shell is designed to support a longer life span. 

The inner construction of the panel has reflective surface covering which amplifies the light emitted by the unit. This inner design of the unit assures maximum light output and concentrates the light spread towards the plant canopy.

Energy Usage and Efficiency

If you are a previous HPS or HID grow light user, and you have just recently figured out about the great potentials of grow light efficiency, which is the reason why you are switching, then the Meizhi grow lights are among the perfect starter options. However, platinum Led is widely recognized as the best manufacturers of grow lights with high quality and efficacy. That comes with its price though.

Each Meizhi grow light models operate on AC85-265vamp and have integrated power adjustment drivers. You can use the table below to compare actual power draws of each model.

Model NamePAR-RatingMax. coverageDimensionsPrice
300w4861,8 x 1,812,6 x 7Check Price
450w5352,0 x 2,815,7 x 8,3Check Price
600w7743 x 314,9 x 12,6Check Price
900w9853 x 4,522 x 12Check Price
1200w10865 x 425 x 15Check Price

The table above lists the max wattage draw, which is while the grow lights are on bloom options. The efficiency is actually amazing as the Meizhi units use half the energy to produce as much light as their HPS counter parts. Another example as to why LED grow lights are so superior. 

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Light Spectrum PAR and PPFD

The PAR & PPFD metrics of a an LED grow light are among the most important measures for determining the quality of a fixture. The PAR tells you how efficient the light is, while the PPFD is a metric that measures how much light actually reaches a certain point of the plant canopy. 

The PAR-spectrum covers wavelengths between 450-700 nm. The Meizhi grow light spectrum is within the PAR zone. It emits wavelengths of 450~475, 620~630 and 650~660 nm. This means that the light output of the reflector models are in accordance to supporting full plant lifecycle.

Use the table above to measure the PAR light spectrum of Meizhi grow lights. It is there we can tell that the 300w barely produces 500 umol while hanging at a height of 18”. So when you have to pick between a light, remember to look at the PPFD graphs. You want to have PPFD values between 500-1000. That is the necessary amount of umols/second that must reach every center point of the canopy grid.

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Heat Reduction & Cooling

When it comes to heat production it is a fact that led grow lights produce much less than HID/HPS. But that doesn’t mean leds don’t produce heat at all. Luckily the Meizhi Reflector Series have heat sink design and integrated fans. These help maintaining a decent temperature and an acceptable level of humid condition in your grow room. Having an integrated cooling system also assures a longer life span. 

It is still important to monitor your grow room to keep an eye on the temperature so it doesn’t get too cold. Heat is not always bad. Just too much of it is.

The 300w has a single fan integrated within the fixture, while the 450w & 600w has two, and the higher models 900w has three and 1200w is equipped with 4 fans. This way the amount of fans in the Meizhi grow lights correspond to the size of light fixtures, and the heat produced by units. Make sure to avoid water getting in the system for obvious reasons.  

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Secondary Features

  • Reflective Design 120 degrees
  • Multiple connectivity option with daisy chain
  • Bloom/veg Switch adjust light output according to plant life stage.
  • 50-100k hours of life span
  • 30 days money back
  • 3 years warranty
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Meizhi Led Grow lights: 300w, 450w, 600w, 900 & 1200w
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