Morsen 1500w, 2000w, 2400w & 3000w LED Grow Panel Review & Comparison


Reviewing the features along with pros and cons of the Morsen 1500w, 2000w, 2400w & 3000w LED Grow Light models, it can be analyzed that scale is definitely in the favor of Pros. The PPFD and PAR values are just within the range requirements for high productivity and the effective coverage area is reasonably decent as well. The prices of different models of grow lights are also highly competitive and affordable.
At a price ranging between $150 for the 1500w and around $300 for the 3000w model, we recommend the Morsen grow light models for the intermediate grower looking for a light to cover larger grow area. And because the light have a switch function that allow you to change the color of the light between blue and red*, we believe this light will suite will for the entire plant lifecycle.   
Final Verdict

Morsen Double Chips LED Grow Light is available in six different power ratings i.e. 600 W, 1500W, 1800W, 2000W, 2400W and 3000W, and tipped as an effective solution for providing optimal light to indoor plants and flowers for the process of photosynthesis. Light is exigent to the sustainability of life on our planet since during the process of photosynthesis energy contained in light gets converted into organic compounds by special cells in plant-leaves.

Morsen Double Chip Full Spectrum Grow Light is designed for indoor gardening and hydroponic plants. In this article, we will review the specifications and merits of this grow light, in order to assist the readers in determining the grow light that they need and making an informed decision towards making an investment.

Morsen grow panel comparison

Morsen Full Spectrum Grow light is available in different power rantings and we will analyze their distinction with respect to the No. of LED lights and their power requirements. Morsen Grow lights are also energy efficient as compared to the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights and a comparison to this effect is also stated in table below:  

Model NameLED amountMax. Power Draw [watts]HPS-Replacement [watts]Price
Morsen 1500w150 x 10w2701500Check Price
Morsen 2000w200 x 10w365 2000Check Price
Morsen 2400w240 x 10w450 2400Check Price
Morsen 3000w300 x 10w5603000Check Price

Every chip is a double fold 10W LED, which is manufactured by EPILED. The chips are distributed into different colors in order to obtain a perfect advanced full spectrum. We will discuss the light spectrum of the panel in later sections of this review.  

Important factors to consider in grow lights

Even though the primary source of light energy for global cultivation is sunlight, advanced research and studies have suggested that productivity could be significantly increased, if the plants are exposed to light spectrum more tailored to their specific needs. Similarly, in parts of the world solar irradiance is not available throughout the year or during the whole photoperiod of plant growth, which adversely affects the output.

A grow light, on the other hand, is an artificial source of light, which caters for the solar insolation need of pants during the germination and flowering stages of cultivation. Grow light provides a light spectrum tailored to the specific needs of crops or one that mimics the spectrum of sunlight. There are other factors as well, which are considered while designing a grow light such as color, lumen output, spectral output, temperature/heat, humidity, etc.

What comes in the box?

Following items are included in the package when you purchase a Morsen LED Grow Light:

• 1 x Morsen LED Grow Light (i.e. 1500W, 2000W, 2400W & 3000W)

• Power Cord

Hanging Hook 

Construction & Design

Morsen Grow Light Review

Morsen Full Spectrum Grow Lights have solid construction and design, which comply with the CE and RoHS standards. The item is compact and average weight i.e. 17.45 pounds for 3000W, which gives it much more durability and strength as compared to other Grow lights. The design and build of the light provide it longevity as it has a remarkable life span estimated at 100,000 hours. The panel can be hanged from a ceiling or support with the help of hanging cords while the height of the panel is adjustable. 

Morsen Grow lights have a state-of-the-art cooling and heat dissipation system, which keeps it operating at its full power efficiency. It has six cooling fans at the rear side of the panel, which are certified by UL. There are holes and heat sinks at the bottom and sides of the panel, which assist the fans during the heat dissipation process. 

The chips used in the panel are made by EPILEDS Technologies. The LEDs are oriented at an angle of 120o, which maximizes the effective coverage area of the light spectrum. Only minimal noise is produced during the operation of the panel.  

The inner side of the panel has a light reflecting surface, which ensures that all the light is concentrated at the area on the ground where the crops have to be cultivated.

Energy Usage and Efficiency

All the mentioned Morsen LED Grow Light  models are quite energy efficient as compared to the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow lights, as stated in Table 1 above. These grow lights can easily replace high power consuming traditional lights and provide much better PAR value for plant cultivation. According to an estimate, Morsen grow lights save approximately 80% of energy as compared to the HPS or traditional lights. Similarly, during operation when the lights are adjusted at a suitable height of 12-24 inches, an area of 6.5 x 6.5 square feet can be covered by 3000W Grow light converting 90% of electrical energy into the absorbable light spectrum. 

It has a power supply operating at 85v-265v and an incredible power factor of >97%, which minimizes the loss of electrical energy. There is a double dimmer on-off switch for controlling the brightness of the light. Similarly, there is a Zener diode with every LED, which ensures that even a single LED will work even if all others have burned out. This regulates the usage and improves the efficiency of the Grow lights.   

Light Spectrum

Morsen Grow Light has an advanced full spectrum, which means that it has different wavelengths of light catering to the needs of different stages of the growth of a plant. Plants have two important stages of growth i.e. vegetation & germination, where the spectrum of insolation plays an important role. Red light is important during the flowering and fruition stage while the blue light is important during the peak of the vegetation stage.  Similarly, a minimal amount of UV light is necessary during the chlorophyll absorption process, for the killing of phytopathogenic bacteria and the production of THC resin. Minimal exposure of Infrared radiation also influences the process of germination.

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The LEDs in the Morsen Grow lights are grouped together in such a way that lights of different wavelengths i.e. 620nm ~ 660nm (Red Color), 430nm ~ 460nm (Blue Color), white (full spectrum), UV, IR, etc. are available. Below are stated the LEDs arrangement of different models of Morsen Grow Lights:

  • Morsen 1500W: The Morsen 1500W has 150 LEDs in total, which are grouped in such a way that there are 120 Red LEDs, 20 Blue LEDs, 8 White LEDs, 1 IR LED, and 1 UV LED.  
  • Morsen 2000W: The Morsen 2000W has 200 LEDs in total, which are grouped in such a way that there are 144 Red LEDs, 36 Blue LEDs, 16 White LEDs, 2 IR LEDs, and 2 UV LEDs.
  • Morsen 2400W: The Morsen 2400W has 240 LEDs in total, which are grouped in such a way that there are 176 Red LEDs, 40 Blue LEDs, 16 White LEDs, 4 IR LEDs, and 4 UV LEDs.
  • Morsen 3000W: The Morsen 3000W has 300 LEDs in total, which are grouped in such a way that there are 235 Red LEDs, 40 Blue LEDs, 16 White LEDs, 4 IR LEDs, and 4 UV LEDs.

Considering the distribution of LED lights, it can be analyzed that significant proportion of all wavelengths of required light are available in the advanced full spectrum. Light of 620nm ~ 660nm (Red Color), which has the most usage and significance has the highest proportion while wavelength range of 430nm ~ 460nm (Blue Color) having a significance during the peak times of the vegetation stage has the second highest proportion.

The specification of advanced full spectrum of Morsen Grow lights w.r.t PAR Rating, Veg Coverage, Bloom coverage and size is given in the table below:

Model NamePAR-Rating [umol/sec/m2] at 20'Max. coverage [ft.]Dimensions [inch]Price
Morsen 1500w12704 x 4.516.14 x 8.27 x 2.83Check Price
Morsen 2000w 22704.5 x 513 x 13 x 2.8Check Price
Morsen 2400wunknown6 x 6.518.89 x 13 x 2.83Check Price
Morsen 3000wunknown6 x 6.518.89 x 13 x 3.74Check Price

Heat & Cooling

Heating and cooling system is another important factor for analyzing the quality of a grow light in order to make an informed decision. Morsen Grow Lights have an advanced cooling system since they have six cooling and exhaust fans at the back of the panel. These fans run during the operation of the lights and keep the system at an optimum temperature. There are heat sink holes at the side of the panel as well, from where the heat radiations can escape the system.

The system also comes with a dual dimmer on-off switch, which regulates the luminosity and intensity of light. There are other protection mechanisms as well, which enable the smooth operation of the device.

These grow lights are inherently designed in a way that there is minimal heat dissipation as compared to the traditional HID or HPS lights. The base of the LED panel is made of a reflector material, which reflects the radiation onto the ground and protects the system from heating. This makes for just perfect temperature and optimum level of humidity in the room. However, it is advisable to keep checking the temperature of the system and the control room, in order to ensure that the temperature does not get too cold or too hot for the crops.


Secondary Features

Some of the prominent secondary features of the device are as follows:

1. 120o wide-angle illumination.

2. Low noise mechanism during cooling system operation.

3. Dimmable switches to adjust the brightness of the light.

4. A strong hanging kit with the ability to adjust the height as per the requirements.

5. Zener diodes with LEDs to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

6. Power factor >97 %.

7. 90 % conversion of electrical energy into absorbable spectrum of light.

8. 3-year warranty.

9. 50,000 to 100,000 hours of lifespan.


Morsen Full Spectrum Double Chip Grow Light LEDs have generated huge interest in the market due to their energy saving and highly efficient light spectrum features, however, every product has its Pros and Cons, especially when taken in comparison with competitors in the market.

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