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Best LED grow lights

Learn about the advantages of  led grow lights and discover the best led grow lights. Find our buying guide on the link below. We recommend you read it! It will help you understand what to look for and what to neglect while searching for led grow lights for your particular grow room needs.

Best 600-watt LED Grow Light

We have hand picked 12 grow lights for you to pick from!

Best COB LED Grow Lights

A buying guide and reviews of 8 best COBs available.

Best 1000-watt Led Grow Lights

Reviews of 8 best led grow lights, including cheapest.

ViparSpectra PAR Series review

ViparSpectra PAR Series have 4 dimmable LED models.

Best 300w LED grow Lights Reviews

Reviewing 10 300w LED grow lights from different manufacturers.

Best Cheap LED Grow Light Reviews

Find a cheap led grow light for you by following this article.

ViparSpectra Reflector Series review

ViparSpectra Reflector Series consists of 4 budget LED models.

MarsHydro Eco-Series Review

One of the newer releases from Mars Hydro. The series has two models.

Meizhi Reflector Series review

An in depth look at the different models released by Meizhi.

Platinum LED grow Light Review

PlatinumLED are widely recognized for producing efficient grow lights.

MarsHydro Reflector LED Grow Light Review

Read about one of the best releases from Mars Hydro manufacturer.

Phlizon LED Grow Light Review

An in depth review of the double switch series grow light models.

King Plus Led Grow Light Review

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Best MarsHydro LED Grow Light Reviews

A comprehensive review and comparison of all releases up until now.

Bestva Double Chip Series Review

BESTVA DC 1000w, 1500w, 2000w & 3000w has a lot to offer.

Morsen Led Grow light Review

A comparison & review of 4 different grow light releases from Morsen.

led grow light review

Bestva Led Grow light Review

Review of Bestva 600w LED grow lights from the reflector series.

Yehsence Led Grow light review

Yehsence, a relatively new LED kid on the block. 

Grow Room Supplies

Best Grow box

A grow box is convinient because everything you need comes in a closet-a-like box that fits well in the livingroom.

best grow tents

In this buying guide we review 10 grow tents divided in categories small, medium and large to help you find the best grow tent for your needs. 

Best Grow Tent Fan

Find out which grow tent to pick for your grow room in this buying guide & review.

Best 4x4 Grow Tent

Find out which 4×4 grow tent to pick for your grow room in this buying guide & review.

Coming up

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Best Carbon Filter for grow room

Learn about the importance of carbon filter and find guidelines to how to find the best one.

Best Humidifier for grow room

In this buying guide we help introduce 10 best humidfiers and help you decide.

Best Par Meter

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Weed Accessories

Best Smell Proof Bag

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Best weed grinders

Learn what to look for in weed grinders to save money and assure quality.

Best Digital scale For Weed

Buying guide for Digital Scale for weed and reviews of 10 products.

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I think the LED buying guide is definatly top notch. The through explainations as to what too focus on and what to neglect really helped sorting out bad quality lights.

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