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Phlizon LED grow light is in-line to the most affordable grow light within the market. Regarding its value, Phlizon still renders a decent quality performance in growing plants. The price ranges of the three watt models only have very little quantity of variations. 600w LED grow light is the lowest among the three costing $89. The middle watt that is the 900w, incorporates a value of $123. Their best model, the 1200w cost only $149. These costs are so cheap compared to for example Advanced Platinum LEDS among others.

Those double switches caught the eye of many plant growers to shop for Phlizon. In addition, the mentioned secondary features place an extra mile to draw in shoppers to own one. The only downside is that the recommendation level of Phlizon is mainly toward beginners who have short-comings in terms of budget.

Final Verdict

Phlizon Double Switch Series: 600w, 900w & 1200w

Are you trying to find an inexpensive grow light that nevertheless has a nice, so you can pursue indoor cannabis or other plant growing? Phlizon has a few grow light models that may suit what you are looking for. Their newest series of LED grow light includes three totally different wattage levels to settle on for. In this post, we will review the 600w, 900w & 1200w grow light models. Further, we are aiming to discuss all containing features to grant you hints upon the grow light product you are searching for. After reading this post, there will be an assurance of straightforward hunting of the particular grow light you specifically would like.

Use the table below to get an overview of the different models and their efficiency indicators.

Model NameLED amountMax. Power DrawHPS-ReplacementPrice
600w60 x 10w105w300Check Price
900w90 x 10w176w600Check Price
1200w120 x 10w241w800Check Price

What comes in the box?

Below are the materials that are commonly sold in conjunction with Phlizon 600w, 900w & 1200w LED grow light models. These include:

  • Phlizon’s 600w LED grow light unit
  • Thermometer humidty monitor
  • Adjustable hanger
  • Hanger kits
  • Us Plug electric cord

Construction & Design

Phlizon LED 600w, 900w & 1200w Review

Philzon plant grow light has no used of reflector that sometimes decreases light wastage resulting to a no harm grow light style. Besides, the materials used are extremely competitive with the assistance of extremely skilled and dedicated R&D team. They eventually end up with a high-graded plant grow light that is now getting popular in the market.
It is discussed below the particular construction and design of Phlizon 600 watts plant grow light.
It has a CE and Rohs certified power supply. The back panel consists of 2 most recommended high-quality light brands particularly Epistar and Bridgelux LED chips. The Zener diode strictly controls the potency of the light that whenever the one LED stops operating, the light can still be safe. The LED grow light contains a total of 60 pieces LED light. These include 38 pieces of 630-660nm, 17 pieces of 460nm, 2 pieces of 6500k white light, 1 piece of UV ranging 380-390nm, and 2 pieces of IR amounting to 740nm.
Two UL certified switches are on an individual basis created for various growing stage of the plant: one for veg stage and one for flowering stage. The switches provide comfort in using it and has high heat-resistant that it cannot be melted on high temperature. At the rear of the panel is a daisy chaining port that extends in keeping with the plant growth.
Phlizon LED grow light is engineered professionally and encompasses a smart quality.

Energy Usage and Efficiency

As compared to the older generation grow lights such as HPS or MH, a LED grow light uses lesser energy usage and additionally reduces overall value within the long-term. Philzon LED grow light solely consumes 108 watts that is way different to what is publicised, 600w. However, metal LED is widely well-known even without the use of reflector and so progresses being heat-resistant. Just so you know a reflector easily melts at 80̊ C temperature. It is offered at lower value and however top-quality in lowering power cost.
Phlizon grow light operates on AC100-240V without using multiple power sockets. The daisy Chain function is accountable as the power outlet extended in accordance to the plant growth. Further, necessary metrics of a model’s LED grow light are mentioned

Light Spectrum

Model NamePAR-Rating [umol/sec/m2]Max. coverage [ft.]Dimensions [inch]Price
600w2552 x 2 15.7 x 6.7 x 2.3Check Price
900w8092,5 x 2,515.7 x 8.3 x 2.3Check Price
1200w9723 x 315.7 x 8.3 x 2.3Check Price

PAR and PPFD are the two necessary metric measurements of a LED grow light to grasp whether or not a grow light model is great or not. PAR or Photosynthetic Active Radiation is the light’s potency wavelength, as the PPFD or Photosynthetic photon flux density is the light’s distance measure towards the plant canopy. The higher the PPFD can result to the higher effect upon the plant.
Phlizon’s PAR-spectrum is fully coverage, as well as infrared and ultraviolet light wavelength. The blue light pertaining for veg coverage emits wavelengths of 430-660nm, whereas the red light for bloom coverage emits wavelengths ranges 430-740nm. Also, the green light has wavelengths ranging 500-599nm. Therefore, the light output is at its optimum ranges in accordance with the plant’s growth cycle. Adding some infrared and ultraviolet light wavelengths is necessary. UV wavelength serves as the defense mood and an excellent supply of trichomes, whereas IR is responsible on the leaves and buds’ growth of the plant. Overall, it provides natural sunlight as to the plants need.
Measuring the PAR light spectrum needs data regarding it. The 600w model has an approximate PPFD value of 260 umol/m2s hanging at 18-inches. PPFD graph is a crucial reference in selecting the most effective grow light. You will be in need of PPDF values in between 620 to 660 to promote plant fast growth. That quantity is necessary to achieve the center point of the plant cover even at the blooming state.

Heat & Cooling

An LED grow light heat production is far lesser than HPS/MH however still produces required quantity of warmth. Phlizon LED plant grow light has two silent cooling fans and designed with aluminum conductor. This results to raised air circulation in your grow area that is good for every type of plants. Having double cooling fans is what makes us totally different therefore prolongs the light life. 
However, an excessive amount of heat is unhealthy for the plants and then, consistent room temperature watching is necessary to forestall incidents ensuing from inconsistent temperature. Please avoid having the grow light in direct contact with water or any liquid for obvious reasons. 
All three models (600w, 900w, and 1200w) have double cooling fans as they solely differ on the core coverage area and the heat being produced. Adding ventilation duct in your area can make the cooling fans be at an advantage.

Secondary Features

  • Angle of LED: 90 degrees and 120 degrees
  • Double switch specifically Veg and Bloom button
  • Good for four plant growth stages, including germination stage, seedling stage, veg stage, and bloom stage
  • 50,000 however no more than 100,000 time period hours with 16-hours usage per day
  • Can grow a maximum of 3 plants
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 2 years warranty
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