The following privacy policy explains how we use and protects your private information while you are visiting our site.
In case we ask for certain information, then the provided pieces of information will be respected by the laws and regulations of privacy. It will not be abused in any form.
Our aim is to provide rather than collect information. The only pieces o information we will have about you, are the ones that you give us.
However, like any other websites nowadays we do apply cookies.

What are Cookies and how do we use them?
A cookie is a minor file that is saved locally on your computer. It memorizes your preferences. The cookies act as a sort of feedback; it helps to maintain information relevant to visitors and to analyze a website.
In our case, we may use the data provided by cookies to track how you navigate at our website. But your details will be kept anonymous. Details are not relevant for our intended use, only numbers are. We simply care about the data, provided through cookies, for statistical analysis.
Whether you choose to accept or decline cookies on our website, you will still be able to read the information posted on
But for our business purposes, we do appreciate you accept our cookies.

Third-party advertising, Content, & Links:
Additionally to our use of cookies, some third parties (sites you access through our site) may also utilize cookies.
We recommend you read their private policies, as we do not have influence or control over what these parties do with their cookies.
Although, we can assure you that do not link to sites which are not trusted authorities.

A rule of thumb:
To keep up with changing technologies and new regulations, we do recommend you to visit the private policy site frequently. This way you keep yourself up to date with any changes regarding and also make sure, you are comfortable with any possible changes that may occur in the future.