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T-Bone Shuffle

Travis or T-Bone Shuffle as he likes to be called, is from Alaska. He have been a pothead since the early 90’s, and currently out living his long time desire of growing his own. 


How did you get into growing with LED?

 I’ve seen what leds can do with headlamps and other products. I also know how hot, wasteful, and expensive to run HID grow lights are. 

I had friends that grew with them. I had one friend that had already switched to a Mars led. 

When I saw it running having previously seen his room and how hot it was with his HPS I was blown away with how cool it was. 

That sold me on LED. 

What was Your First LED grow light?

I dove into research on the web. Forums, youtube, websites, ect. Ended up going with Platinum leds for my first setup. 

It worked decently but was quite expensive. Never really outperforming HPS but more like being almost equal to it.

That’s when I started running into DIY COB LEDs.

Tell us about your experiences with DIY COB

About early to mid 2015 I found Growmau5’s youtube. 

It was others on forums and him that showed me what was really possible with LED using higher efficiency more advanced models custom built. 

For at least a year I spent all kinds of time planning how I was going to build my custom cob setup. 

I think I built one of the first custom fixtures with the QB120. 

It was so simple and impressive. I got a reputation for helping people build custom setups with these boards. 

Now I have a reputation for it and typically I’m helping at least 3-4 people by DM planning their setup.

I helped a member on GC in 2017 build a custom setup and he ended up using the knowledge to form his own lighting company in the UK. It’s called invisible sun. They make a similar product to HLG. They thanked me and told me I inspired them to form the company so I get free boards for life. 


They’ve already sent me 6 now. I was able to replace all my veg boards with v2 samsung 301b diodes and replace one of my qb260 kits with two of their 288 boards. 

What are some of your side interests?

Side research on plant growth, hydroponics, and other aspects of growing has really advanced my knowledge beyond just light building. 

I currently grow using promix/perlite with a mostly hydro fed method. 

I did DWC before that so I’m mostly a hydroponic grower. 

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"I would collect any info I could over the years hoping someday I might have the perfect living situation where I thought I could get away with it."
Travis AKA T-Bone Shuffle
Speciality: Growing With DIY LED Grow Lights


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