ViparSpectra Dimmable PAR Series Review: 450w, 600w, 700w & 1200w

Summary: PAR 450, 600, 700 & 1200 Review

Considering the Pros and Cons of the ViparSpectra Dimmable Grow light, it can be concluded that these lights are suitable for small area growers.

In contrast to the ViparSpectra Reflector Series, the PAR Series from the same manufacturer have a dimmable feature, which makes it possible to adjust the exposure of most useful wavelengths of light during according to the needs of plant growth during different stages. 

This results in high-quality cultivation and output. However, for growers looking to cultivate on a large area, high power rated models or multiple grow lights are recommended for high-quality yield. 

Not sure if the PAR-series suits your needs? Have a look at these grow lights. We are certain that you will find that suits your needs among the LEDs featuring in the article, as we have carefully selected models that matches budget and other needs.

Final Verdict

In this review, we will critically analyze the specifications and performance of ViparSpectra Dimmable Series Grow Lights in order to assist the readers in making an informed decision about their suitability for growing indoor hydroponic plants. There are different parameters, some of them more important than the others, for determining the performance of a grow light. 

The most significant parameters include the power consumption requirements, light spectrum, PAR-zone, PPFD values, coverage or grow area, cooling & heat sink system, operating temperature, average life span, etc. of a grow light. Based on these factors, a grow light that works well under a particular circumstance, may not give desired results otherwise. It is, therefore, necessary to do the required due diligence before making an investment.   

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Models available

ViparSpectra Dimmable Series Grow Lights are available in different power rating models i.e. PAR450, PAR600, PAR700 & PAR1200, having varying effective coverage areas depending upon their size and model. 

One thing that is, however, common among the lights of ViparSpectra Dimmable Series is that they have either R, B, W Dimmers (PAR450, PAR700 & PAR1200) or switches (PAR600). 

These dimmers and switches are used to control the intensity and lumen output of the grow lights during different stages of plants’ lifecycle i.e. Germination, Vegetation, Pre-flowering & flowering, in order to provide an approximately natural sunlight look-alike exposure. This is also, what gives this series of light its name Dimmable grow lights. 

Below we will discuss and analyze the performance of ViparSpectra Dimmable Series grow lights in light of the parameters stated above:

All grow lights of this series consist of multiples of 5W EPILED LEDs, which are distributed in different colors to produce a full light spectrum. 

These LEDs are known to have high power efficiency as compared to traditional HID, HPS or other grow lights. In the table below, there is a comparison of ViparSpectra lights with their HPS counterparts:

Model NameNo. of LEDsActual Power DrawHPS-ReplacementPrice
ViparSpectra PAR 45090 x 5w200w400Check Price
ViparSpectra PAR 600120 x 5w285w600Check Price
ViparSpectra PAR 700140 x 5w325w600Check Price
ViparSpectra PAR 1200240 x 5534w1000Check Price

ViparSpectra grow lights are almost twice as energy efficient as compared to their HPS counterparts. However, LED grow lights are expected to perform much better owing to the added cost. There are other grow lights available in the market, which are 4-5 times more energy efficient as compared to their HPS counterparts. 

E.g. a Morsen 1500-watt LED grow light with an actual power draw of 270 watts can replace an HPS light having an actual power draw of 1500 watts.

What comes in the box?

Following items are included in the package when you purchase a VaparSpectra Grow Light:

  • 1 x VaparSpectra LED Grow Light (i.e. PAR450, PAR600, PAR700 & PAR1200)
  • 1 x 6ft Power Cord
  • 1 x Hanging Kit
  • 2 x Free 1/8” Adjustable Rope Hanger
  • 1 x User Instructions

The light gets delivered in professional packing and it is easy to follow instructions for setting up the grow light in your grow area. 

Construction & Design

ViparSpectra Dimmable Series: PAR 450w, PAR 600w, PAR 700w & PAR 1200w Review

ViparSpectra Dimmable grow lights have a UL certified solid and compact design and construction. The design of the grow lights has been scientifically engineered and optimized in order to ensure their long lifespan and continuous operation. 

The ViparSpectra grow lights are considerably heavier as compared to their competitors in the market, e.g. PAR450 model is 13.4 Pounds. However, the material strength complements the long lifespan of a ViparSpectra grow light since these lights remain useable for a period of approximately 100,000 operational hours. 

The ViparSpectra Dimmable Series Grow Lights have a high-performing cooling and heat dissipation system, which keeps the device working at an optimum temperature. 

Different models of the series have 2-5 in number 3.2” fans, which are located at the front face of the grow lights. These upgraded front fans remove the heat radiation from the system into the surrounding as well as regulate the outside temperature. There are aluminum-cooling heat sinks on either side of the panel, which also allow an escape path to the heat radiations. 

The grow lights also have dimmable and light intensity control switches, which are located on the sides of the panel. 

Different models of the ViparSpectra LED grow lights have multiple numbers of LEDs, which are 5W each and build by EPILED technologies. These LEDs have been distributed into different wavelength emitting diodes in order to produce a full light spectrum. The LEDs are oriented at an angle of 90o, which allows for a greater coverage area as well as better PPFD value in areas closer to the center. 

Energy Usage and Efficiency

One of the most important factors of judging the performance of an LED Grow Light is its energy efficiency and its replacement factor to the HPS Lamp lights. 

As tabulated in the Specification Table above, we can easily posit that ViparSpectra lights are twice as energy efficient as compared to the HPS grow lights. 

However, at the same time, if we take a broader sample set comprising HPS replacement factor of other prominent LED grow light brands, we can conclude that ViparSpectra grow lights have only average energy efficiency. Some of the other prominent brands have LED grow lights that require 4-5 times less power as compared to the HPS lights. 

EPILED Technologies 5W LEDs are used in the panels of ViparSpectra grow lights. These LEDs have a high power factor of >95%, which reflects that almost all the electrical energy supplied to the LEDs gets converted into the spectrum of light and only a minimal amount gets wasted in reactive power loses. 

The operating voltage of these grow lights is AC100-240V while the operating frequency is 50-60Hz.

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Light Spectrum

Among all the parameters of judging the performance of an LED Grow light, the light spectrum and the light density at the surface are the two most important parameters. 

ViparSpectra Dimmable Grow lights have been designed to produce a full light spectrum encompassing all the essential wavelengths of light required for the growth and nurture of plants. An ideal PAR-zone of a grow light should have wavelengths of 400nm – 700nm, as plants need them during different stages of their cultivation cycle. 

The essential wavelengths that a spectrum should have during the vegetation stage are in the range of 430 nm – 460 nm (Blue light) while wavelengths that are required during the flowering stage are in the range of 640 nm – 680 nm. A small portion of UV and IR radiations are also required for assisting photosynthesis, killing phytopathogenic bacteria’s and producing THC resins. 

ViparSpectra Dimmable grow lights produce a light spectrum in the range of 440 nm – 730 nm. The light spectrum falls in the ideal PAR-zone and contains the essential wavelengths of light. A small portion of IR, UV and white lights are also present for providing a well-suited light spectrum to the indoor hydroponic plants. 

It has been studied that during different stages of plant growth, different percentages of light brightness (VEG/BLOOM) may be required for high-quality growth. 

The VipraSpectra Dimmable grow lights also have VEG and Bloom Dimmers, which are used to control the intensity and lumen output of the LEDs. There are five different control modes for dimmers using which the light brightness can be regulated to different percentages i.e. 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% or 0%.

However, PAR-zone alone is not the only determining factor for judging the performance of an LED Grow Light since it is also important to have an optimum density of light available at the surface of the grow area. The light density available at the surface is measured in terms of the PPFD values, which can be measured with the help of a sensor. 

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By placing the measuring sensor, a graph of the PPFD availability can be obtained with respect to the height of the Grow Light and the distance of the sensor from the center. 

The ideal PPFD range for indoor plant cultivation is 500 – 1000 μ mol/sec.m2, which suggests that insolation below 500 μ mol/sec.m2 is too low and above 1000 μ mol/sec.m2 is too high for the cultivation of plants. In table below, we will tabulate different statistics of ViparSpectra Grow Lights:

Model NamePPFD
(μ mol/sec.m2)
Veg coverageBloom coverage
L x W x H
ViparSpectra PAR 4506002.5 x 2.5 ft2 x 2 ft14.1 x 11.4 x 3.3Check Price
ViparSpectra PAR 6007003 x 3 ft2.5 x 2.5 ft14.1 x 11.8 x 3.5Check Price
ViparSpectra PAR 7007803 x 3 ft2.5 x 2.5 ft19.7 x 11.8 x 3.5Check Price
ViparSpectra PAR 120010204 x 4 ft3.5 x 3.5 ft19.7 x 17.3 x 3.5Check Price

The PPFD values mentioned in table 2 above are in the center and these values decrease as we move away from the center. For Example, for 600PAR Grow light, at a distance of 3ft radiating horizontally from the center, the light density available is only 117 μ mol/sec.m2, which is much below the minimum 500 μ mol/sec.m2 requirement. We can analyze that ViparSpectra lights are suitable for small area cultivation. 

Heat & Cooling

The various models of the ViparSpectra Grow lights have 2-5 in number 3.2” fans for cooling and dissipation of heat. PAR450 model has two fans; PAR600 & PAR700 have three fans while PAR1200 have five fans. These fans are located at the front side of the panel.

These fans remove the dissipated heat from the system into the surrounding in order to regulate its temperature. These fans are designed to cause less noise, however, during intense operation; the noise levels can be high.

There are aluminum-cooling heat sinks on either side of the panel, which also allow an outside path to the heat radiations.

Secondary Features

Some of the important secondary features of the device are as follows:

  1. Red, White and Blue Dimmer for three channel spectra control. 
  2. 90o LED orientation for light concentration in a small area. 
  3. The High power factor of LEDs i.e. >95%. 
  4. Aluminum cooling heat sink. 
  5. Noise control mechanism. 
  6. 3-year warranty with 30 days return guarantee. 
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