Wild Cannabis: Where does marijuana grow naturally?

Cannabis plants have existed on earth for thousands of year. Some claim it has been around for millions of years. But how many exactly, is still uncertain. One thing is for sure though; these beautiful green plants have been living and breathing on this planet long before men’s discovery.

In this article, we will give you a brief introduction to wild cannabis aka feral cannabis. More specifically, we will be talking about climates most accommodating for a Cannabis plant to flourish naturally.

Some drugs require specific climates and cultivation techniques to grow. Marijuana fields thrive in climates as dissimilar as the dry heat of Mexico and the chilly winds of Canada. 

Does this mean the marijuana plant can grow nearly everywhere and anywhere? Naturally, the answer is no. 

Similar to any other living beings, plants too have a particular environment in which they thrive best. 

A cannabis plant need sunlight and high temperature along with regular food and water to survive and grow. 

This means that the plant will flourish as long as the environment is well-balanced in terms of temperature, sunlight, and nutrients. 

The absence in any of crucial life-giving supply will indeed affect the plant. If the plant lacks significant amounts of either food, temperature or sunlight the plant will not survive. 

Most Marijuana we get our hands on today is “homemade”. Meaning, it doesn’t come from a cannabis plant growing naturally in the wild. It is most likely made using indoor growing techniques and setups. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Marijuana does not exist in the wild anymore. There are still a lot of untouched regions where they grow freely. Let us talk about that.

Where can you find wild cannabis today?

The inhabitants of certain Asian countries believe that the marijuana plant is a dangerous drug, including China, Vietnam, Nepal. 

These countries have a hospitable climate which is suitable for a marijuana plant to grow naturally. 

But because locals believe that consuming cannabis is abusive and addictive, and that getting high on marijuana can lead to social, mental and even physical problems, the law enforcement of these countries treat the plant as a dangerous weed, burning fields, and conditioning woodlands to prevent growth. 

Wild cannabis is rare in countries which have tried to eliminate it. However, in some areas of Asia, regions near Mongolia in particular, you may still be able to experience cannabis plants growing on the hillsides, and on the wild plains, sometimes covering entire hill surfaces and spreading down onto the valley below.

A marijuana plant is very adaptive. And as long as you facilitate the proper environment required for the plant to grow, it will grow whether it is indoors using LED grow lights or outdoors in the wild. Humans have taken advantage of this attribute, making it possible to grow weed under more manipulated conditions. Because of this, marijuana can be found in areas where the plant has no origin or history.

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