Yehsence 1500w LED grow light review


This fixture is actually very decent as it has an integrated switch that allows you to adjust light according to plant stage. The unit could have been more efficient if it produced more concentrated blue light for VEG option and more intense red light for bloom option, nonetheless the light fixture delivers sufficient light to cover full plant growth. We believe that there are more efficient LED light fixtures out there but not for the price of $148.

Final Verdict

Yehsence is the new kid on the block when it comes to producing LED grow lights. This particular LED unit is one of their more powerful units. According to the manufacturer, it can produce light for both VEG stage and BLOOM stage thanks to the integrated switch button. But how efficient is the light for your indoor plants? Does the unit actually produce sufficient light to support life and growth for your plants in vegging as well as flowering? We will provide you with the answers by the end of this article.

If you are looking to find the best led grow light for your needs and you have no clue as to what to look for then we recommend our buying guide. It will definitely help you through different marketing bamboozles.


Actual Watts

Veg 140 Bloom 125

Max Area coverage

2.5 x 2.5

Length, width, height

15.7 x 8 x 2.9

Recommended height

 24 inches

Whats in the box

The usual basic stuff that comes along with any other grow light fixtures. These include:

  • 1500W LED grow light unit
  • US Plug power cord
  • Adjustable hanger
  • Hanging Kit
  • Instruction manual

Daisy Chain – So what?


Daisy Chained design.. Nothing to brag about tho.

The manufacturer advertises with daisy chains as if it is something new and innovative. This is the most basic function of LED grow lights by now. Daisy chain simply means you can attach several LED lights to each other. It allows you to cover a greater area. The feature is useful for bigger grow areas or grow tents.

The Light: DON’T look for 1500W… That means nothing


Disregard the 1500w and look for ACTUAL WATT!!

The PPFD picture above is very important!! Play close attention to it. The umol/m2/s numbers in the picture above tell you how much light falls on a certain point. The higher the number the stronger light. In the case of this LED light, the recommended height is 24 inches according to the manufacturer. This is not bad. Because too much light intensity can burn out your plants. Figuring out how much light should fall on a certain point can be very tricky becuase it differ from plant to plant. Make sure to examine the PAR requirements for your particular crop first. This creates a better basis for evaluating the light distribution of a particular LED unit. The PPFD is what you actually pay for when purchasing a grow light. So BE THROUGH. This article can help you understand PPFD better.

Are the PAR VALUES adequate to plant stages?


Lighting meters for plants.  (

Keep in mind that when buying a grow light unit, what you actually pay for is light, not power. You may already know that a plant requires a lot of blue light in the beginning and a lot of Red light later on once it enters the flowering stage. So does this particular grow light produce sufficient light? And does it do it effectively? The answers to these questions determine whether a particular led grow light is a good purchase. So let us look into the Yehsence 1500w.

The led grow light from Yehsence have 3 different light options. Veg, Bloom and VEG + BLOOM. These three different options are applied by switches that regulate the light according to the plant life stages.

VEG option: For vegging, it draws 140 actual power and produces light waves between 430-660 nm. The blue light spectrum ranges from 420-500 nm, as you can see on the graph.

Bloom option: for bloom it draws 125 actual power and produces wave lenghts between 430-740nm. This is bad in our opinion. Plants need more intense red light in this stage.

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